Saturday, September 29, 2007


ING Direct steps in as US bank collapses

"Last week taxpayers in London learnt that they faced a £1bn bill for the collapse of the maintenance giant Metronet, a key contractor in the Public Private Partnership to modernise the Tube. Suspicions that the PPP is an overly complex accounting ruse are being proved right. Yet it is most definitely Brown's baby. Then there is the ongoing scandal of the 125,000 workers who lost their "guaranteed" final salary pensions when their firms went bust – and are now having to beg for help from the Government's niggardly and ill-administered Financial Assistance Scheme."
Brown's naked retreat behind PR

"Had the current Prime Minister not split up the UK's reliable banking supervision regime in 1997, and had his own FSA been more vigilant, there is no doubt in my mind this Northern Rock crisis would have been avoided."
J'accuse - the mob that wants to see King beheaded

Air Force refused to fly weapons to Middle East theater


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