Thursday, September 06, 2007

Family Values


Larry Craig and the Charade of "Family Values"

aangirfan: Fred Thompson

"It had been manipulated, but when I tried to say that the judge cut me off." -Probe into Lockerbie timer claims

Raids foil plot to bring 7/7 terror to Germany

aangirfan: Classic Double Agents in False Flag Operations

aangirfan: The classic false flag operation.

"Alisher Usmanov, Arsenal wannabe owner's criminal past unearthed by Uzbek ex HM Ambassador Craig Murray "

National DNA database being built by stealth

"The forthcoming (Oct 22nd) trial of Mr Castree for the murder of Lesley Molseed who has been identified by DNA "lost" by the West Yorkshire Police looks set to be very interesting... readers will recall the circumstances it was lost and how Mr Stefan Kisko was locked up as a a result by further falsification of evidence." - Lesley Molseed - DNA samples found in Wetherby - a litle bit of history ...... DNA on trial - R v Castree after the fuckups and lies of R v Kiszko

"Mr Motala says police also suspect he was the unidentified male who bought the rucksacks which contained the bombs from a Millets store in Leeds six days before the bombings." Cousin of 7/7 leader: I'm not the fifth bomber Special reports ...

"Shopkeeper Eddie McTiernan of the Alamo sports shop in Wakefield, West Yorks, claimed last night that Hasib Hussain bought the rucksack which contained the explosives that blew up the bus in his shop just 24 hours earlier.'I'm absolutely 100 per cent sure this man was in my shop,' he said. 'The only comment I remember him making was: 'That'll do nicely'." - Source

aangirfan: The Israelification of British and American society.

Fake Photos Helped Lead US to War in Iraq

Events conspire to aid Scots leader


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