Tuesday, September 11, 2007



"The [Shia] Iraqi newspaper al-Bayyina al-Jadida reports that Iraqi Ministry of the Interior officials have announced that the ones who bombed the dome of the Samarra al-Askari Mosque were affiliated withthe Irsraeli Mossad spy organization. Based on this report the agents arrested for this crime also admitted that the operations in Samarra were organized and carried out with the awareness and cooperation of certain nations to create ethnic and religious conflict in Iraq." - IRINN Reports Mossad Agents Bombed Samarra Mosque

"There is a very real possibility that the flight to Barksdale was part of covert preparations for a nuclear strike against Iran." - Dr Strangelove is alive and well and flying nuclear tipped ACM's across the United States
"Remember, 25 days, the body is severely decomposing. Where do they keep a decomposing body that has a terrible odor within a few days? Have they put it in the back of a car? If there was DNA from the body in the back of the car, it would have soaked into the rug. They couldn't get rid of it. Instead, apparently, the McCanns had hired the car to take away a lot of their clothing elsewhere, including the baby's, Madeleine's, clothing and toys, which have DNA on it... When they say it matches Madeleine, how do they know what Madeleine's DNA is? They haven't found Madeleine." - How Damaging Is the Forensic Evidence Against Kate McCann? / Madeleine McCann - They've taken her? (updated)

Child Labour - Philippines

"According to experts, almost a quarter of the pornography on global Internet sites contains child pornography. Among these, almost 50 percent include child pornography from Russia." - Stopping sexual abuse of Russian kids


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