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ING Direct steps in as US bank collapses

"Last week taxpayers in London learnt that they faced a £1bn bill for the collapse of the maintenance giant Metronet, a key contractor in the Public Private Partnership to modernise the Tube. Suspicions that the PPP is an overly complex accounting ruse are being proved right. Yet it is most definitely Brown's baby. Then there is the ongoing scandal of the 125,000 workers who lost their "guaranteed" final salary pensions when their firms went bust – and are now having to beg for help from the Government's niggardly and ill-administered Financial Assistance Scheme."
Brown's naked retreat behind PR

"Had the current Prime Minister not split up the UK's reliable banking supervision regime in 1997, and had his own FSA been more vigilant, there is no doubt in my mind this Northern Rock crisis would have been avoided."
J'accuse - the mob that wants to see King beheaded

Air Force refused to fly weapons to Middle East theater


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"The [Shia] Iraqi newspaper al-Bayyina al-Jadida reports that Iraqi Ministry of the Interior officials have announced that the ones who bombed the dome of the Samarra al-Askari Mosque were affiliated withthe Irsraeli Mossad spy organization. Based on this report the agents arrested for this crime also admitted that the operations in Samarra were organized and carried out with the awareness and cooperation of certain nations to create ethnic and religious conflict in Iraq." - IRINN Reports Mossad Agents Bombed Samarra Mosque

"There is a very real possibility that the flight to Barksdale was part of covert preparations for a nuclear strike against Iran." - Dr Strangelove is alive and well and flying nuclear tipped ACM's across the United States
"Remember, 25 days, the body is severely decomposing. Where do they keep a decomposing body that has a terrible odor within a few days? Have they put it in the back of a car? If there was DNA from the body in the back of the car, it would have soaked into the rug. They couldn't get rid of it. Instead, apparently, the McCanns had hired the car to take away a lot of their clothing elsewhere, including the baby's, Madeleine's, clothing and toys, which have DNA on it... When they say it matches Madeleine, how do they know what Madeleine's DNA is? They haven't found Madeleine." - How Damaging Is the Forensic Evidence Against Kate McCann? / Madeleine McCann - They've taken her? (updated)

Child Labour - Philippines

"According to experts, almost a quarter of the pornography on global Internet sites contains child pornography. Among these, almost 50 percent include child pornography from Russia." - Stopping sexual abuse of Russian kids




"Every Sephardi child was to be given 35,000 times the maximum dose of x-rays through his head. For doing so, the American government paid the Israeli government 300 million Israeli liras a year... '(It) was a eugenics program aimed at weeding out the perceived weak strains of society. It was a Holocaust, a Sephardi Holocaust...'" - How Ben Gurion's Government committed genocide on the North African Sephardim in 1951 - Yalde Hagazezet - the "Ringworm Children"

Madeleine McCann - They've taken her? (updated)

Time Magazine has been ordered to pay $106 in damages for defaming former Indonesian president Suharto. On August 31, the Supreme Court overturned rulings by the Central District Jakarta and the Jakarta High Court, both of which sided in Time Magazine’s favor. The article in question, "The Family Firm" May 1999, had alleged that Suharto and his family had amassed a $73 billion fortune. Time to pay Suharto £53m / Time ordered to pay Suharto $106m /Time Magazine Ordered to Pay $106 Million by Indonesia Supreme Court

Suharto son to counter sue agency for $100 mln

No settlement in civil case against Indonesia's Suharto

Senator David Vitter - old Poopy Pants meets his match in Larry Flynt's call girl witness Wendy "Diaper maid" Cortez AKA Ellis


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Madeleine McCann - They've taken her?

"Remember, 25 days, the body is severely decomposing. Where do they keep a decomposing body that has a terrible odor within a few days? Have they put it in the back of a car? If there was DNA from the body in the back of the car, it would have soaked into the rug. They couldn't get rid of it.

"Instead, apparently, the McCanns had hired the car to take away a lot of their clothing elsewhere, including the baby's, Madeleine's, clothing and toys, which have DNA on it... When they say it matches Madeleine, how do they know what Madeleine's DNA is? They haven't found Madeleine." - How Damaging Is the Forensic Evidence Against Kate McCann?

In early June 2007, the detective coordinating the hunt for Madeleine McCann was charged with criminal offences over another missing child case. (Madeleine officer charged over another missing girl )

Goncalo Amaral and four other Portuguese police officers were charged with offences relating to the inquiry into the disappearance of nine-year-old Joana Cipriano from a village seven miles from where Madeleine was abducted.

Joana’s mother, Leonor, has alleged that she was beaten into a confession during a police interrogation that took place without her lawyer or the knowledge of the public prosecutor.

Urs Hans Von Aesch, a 'paedophile' who was on holiday in the Algarve at the time that Madeleine McCann disappeared, was found dead after abducting 5-year-old Ylenia Lenhard. Paedophile suicide in new Madeleine link - Times Online

Von Aesch killed himself in a Swiss forest close to the belongings of Ylenia Lenhard, 'who is still missing'. Madeleine and Ylenia look similar.

The police appear to have behaved oddly in the case of Madeleine: Madeleine: If the McCanns' hire car is vital evidence why are they still driving it?

Jane Tanner said she saw a man carrying a child in his arms in the vicinity of the McCann apartment at 9.15pm, but thought nothing of it at the time. The vanishing, the mystery, and the accusations

Reportedly Kate McCann cried out “They’ve taken her?” when she discovered Madeleine missing? Apparently, Mrs McCann immediately believed that more than one person had taken her daughter. This might suggest that she knew who had taken Madeleine. Madeleine McCann Q&A: what happened that night?

In 1998, 11-year-old boy Rui Pedro Mendonça vanished while walking home from school in the northern Portuguese town Lousada. Pictures of Rui Pedro being sexually abused were reportedly found during an international police operation that cracked a global paedophile network. Six other children are listed as having disappeared in Portugal. For example, 13-year-old Rui Pereira vanished in 1999 from the northern town of Famalicão. Paedophile ring focus to Madeleine hunt - Times Online

"Scallywag Magazine alleged that MI5 used to take foreign diplomats to the North Wales homes, give them boys to 'play' with, secretly filmed them as they buggered, abused and tortured boys then kept the tapes as evidence.Over a dozen victims who complained of abuse by the paedophile ring 'have met suspicious deaths'." - North Wales paedophile ring, top people, the police and the security services

"MI5 had been aware of a homosexual vice ring operating within the Kincora Boys Home in East Belfast. Colin Wallace was instructed to leak intelligence reports on Kincora (as part of a project code-named Clockwork Orange 2) to put pressure on key people..."

Was Dutroux working for the security services?



Sunday Express claims SAS /SRR murdered Jean de Menezes - Amazing Pictures

London-Bombs: De Menezes - Gladio - Special Reconnaissance Regiment

Bin Laden tape September 2007

Close down the bloated education authorities

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Bin Laden tape September 2007

American spy chiefs have named Adam Gadahn, the head of al-Qaeda's English language media operations, as the author of large sections of bin Laden's broadcast. (US loner helps bin Laden to taunt Bush)

Adam Gadahn is Adam Pearlman. Gadahn's Jewish paternal grandfather, Carl Pearlman, was on the Board of Directors of the Anti-Defamation League.

The main purpose of the latest bin Laden tape is to try to persuade the American public that the USA must stay in Iraq.

President Bush is claiming the tape reinforces his view that Iraq is the central front in the war on terror.

He said: "I found it interesting that on the tape Iraq was mentioned, which is a reminder that Iraq is a part of this war against extremists. If al-Qaeda bothers to mention Iraq, it is because they want to achieve their objectives in Iraq, which is to drive us out and to develop a safe haven."


Paul Wilkinson, professor of international relations and chairman of the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at the University of St Andrews, did not write the following in the Sunday Telegraph, 9 September 2007 (Deluded message of a mass murderer):

The latest fake Osama bin Laden video is aimed at persuading the American public that US troops should stay in Iraq.

The fake Bin Laden suggests that the Americans do the impossible, namely convert to Islam, if they want to stop the war in Iraq.

The fake Bin Laden is showing the same understanding of US politics that he displayed in his last video message to the American people, in 2004, when he helped to get Bush re-elected.

The video attempts to persuade the public that al Qaeda is real. At the same time there have been arrests of alleged al-Qaeda-linked militants in Germany.

The video attempts to show that the war in Iraq is linked to al Qaeda.

"Dying one's beard is strictly forbidden under Islamic law. Any devout (Sunni) Muslim would be aghast at an image of a purported spokesperson with a dyed beard. It's okay to tint it with henna (only), but in that case gray hair appears orange. Pakistan is full of guys sporting huge orange beards, but there is no market whatsoever for Grecian formula, at least not among the Wahhabis." - Osama bin Laden - The Latest Fake

Hannity Says Bin Laden Sounds Like Democrats - Twice

Latest Bin Laden Video Is a Forgery: All References to Current Events Are Made During Video Freeze

Osama Bin Distractin


Close down the bloated education authorities

According to an article about UK schools in Scotland on Sunday, 9 September 2007, (Alexander attacks 'bloated' education authorities) one in every four pounds of education funding never makes it to schools.

Studies show that of the average £5,160 spent on a child's education annually, £1,700 is swallowed up by local government.

According to Scotland on Sunday, 9 September 2007, (SNP school plan sparks class war)Glasgow and Edinburgh education chiefs say they cannot carry out an SNP pledge to cut the size of classes in the early years of primary school to 18 pupils because there is a lack of money and classrooms.

It is time to close down the "bloated" education authorities. Get rid of the government bureaucrats, both local and national. Sack the education chiefs. It is these folks who have helped to ruin British schools.

We could learn from the Netherlands, when it comes to the organisation of schools.

In the Netherlands 70% of children are educated in private schools at the taxpayers' expense.

In the Netherlands, state spending on education is lower per head than in Britain, and results are better. (Schools unchained)



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Who really killed Franz Ferdinand?

Who gained from the assassination?

The Archduke Franz Ferdinand and family

The Austro-Hungarian Empire (in colour) included many different groups. Both Austria-Hungary and Serbia wanted to control Bosnia.

The official story is that the plot to kill Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, was intended to benefit Serbia. But an alternative theory is that the plotters, unwittingly in most cases, were being manipulated by members of the Austro-Hungarian elite. The evidence is limited and sometimes confusing.

In 1914, the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie led to the outbreak of World War One.

In 1914 there were people within the ruling elite of Austia-Hungary who -
(1) wanted an excuse for a war to crush Serbia
(2) would not have been unhappy if Franz Ferdinand and his wife were to be assassinated.

Serbia was seen as a nuisance to Austria-Hungary because certain Serbians had given encouragement to the Bosnians to break away from Austria-Hungary and join up with Serbia. The people of Serbia and Bosnia were Slavs.

Franz Ferdinand was not popular with certain members of the elite in Austria-Hungary because of his sympathy for the Slavs.

In 1895, Franz Ferdinand had met Countess Sophie Chotek. (Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )

The Emperor of Austria-Hungary, Franz Joseph, was not keen on the idea of Franz Ferdinand marrying Sophie as she was a Slav and she was not from a royal family.

The two leading groups in the Austro-Hungarian Empire were the Austrians and the Hungarians; the Slavs were seen as second-class citizens.

However, in 1899, the Emperor gave Franz Ferdinand permission to marry Sophie, on condition that the children of the marriage would never ascend the throne.

Sophie would not share her husband's rank, title, precedence, or privileges. She would not normally appear in public beside him. She would not be allowed to ride in the royal carriage, or sit in the royal box.

The wedding took place in 1900. Emperor Franz Joseph did not attend, nor did any archduke including Franz Ferdinand's brothers. The only members of the imperial family who were present were Franz Ferdinand's stepmother, Maria Theresia, and her two daughters.

Sophie was treated poorly at court.

Franz Ferdinand was not popular with the ruling elite in Austria-Hungary, because he wanted to give more power to the Slavs within the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Austo-Hungarian empire contained many races, including Austrians, Hungarians and Slavs.

Ferdinand was considering the idea of a federal state.

In 1914, General Oskar Potiorek invited Franz Ferdinand to come to Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia, part of the Austrian Empire, to inspect army manoeuvres.

It was in Sarajevo, on 28 June 1914, that Franz Ferdinand was shot dead.

The assassin was Gavrilo Princip, one of a group of 6 assassins organised by Danilo Ilic. Princip was one of those who wanted Bosnia to break away from Austria-Hungary and join up with Serbia.

The exact course of events is dificult to describe; this is partly because of the inconsistent stories of the witnesses and partly because the main inquiry was carried out by powerful Austria which may have slanted the evidence.

On the morning of June 28, six conspirators, with six bombs and four revolvers, were in Sarajevo waiting for Franz Ferdinand's motorcade. (Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand - Wikipedia, the free ...)

At approximately 10AM, Franz Ferdinand, his wife and their party left an army camp, where Franz Ferdinand had reviewed the troops. The motorcade consisted of seven cars.

In the third car were Franz Ferdinand, his wife Sophie, Bosnia's Governor Oscar Potiorek and Franz Ferdinan's bodyguard Count Franz von Harrach.

At 10:15 the motorcade passed the first assassin. The assassin failed to act.

The second assassin also failed to act.

The third assassin was Nedeljko Cabrinovic. As Franz Ferdinand's car approached, Cabrinovic threw his bomb. The bomb bounced off the folded back convertible cover into the street. Its timed detonator caused it to explode under the next car, putting that car out of action and wounding a total of 20 people.

The tree remaining assassins, Cvjetko Popovic, Gavrilo Princip and Trifun Grabez failed to act as the motorcade sped away to the Town Hall.

At the Town Hall, officials and members of the Archduke's party discussed security.

A suggestion that troops be brought in to line the streets was reportedly rejected because they did not have their parade uniforms with them. Security was left to the small Sarajevo police force.

Franz Ferdinand decided to go to the hospital and visit the wounded victims of Cabrinovic's bomb.
Meanwhile, Gavrilo Princip had gone to a nearby food shop, Schiller's delicatessen, after learning that the assassination had been unsuccessful. Emerging, he saw Franz Ferdinand's open car reversing after having taken a wrong turn.

The driver, Franz Urban, had not been told of the change in plan and had continued on a route that would take the Archduke and his party directly out of the city.

Princip moved forward and fired twice.

Franz Ferdinand and Sophie were hit and died soon after.

Princip died in an Austrian jail of tuberculosis in April 1918, aged 23.

The assassin Mehmedbašic was arrested in Montenegro, but was allowed to "escape" to Serbia, but in 1916 Serbia imprisoned him 'on false charges'.

Princip and the other assassins were said to be members of the Black Hand organisation.

Borijove Jevtic, one of the leaders of Black hand, gave his account of the assassination.

According to this account, there were twenty-two conspirators spaced five hundred yards apart along the route the Archduke would take. After the Town Hall reception, General Potiorek persuaded the Archduke to leave the city. They took the shortest route which the road had a sharp turn in it for which the car would have to slow down. This is where Gavrilo Princip made his move.

The prime minister of Serbia was Nikola Pasic and he was not a fan of the Black Hand. (Archduke Franz Ferdinand / Black Hand )

Before the assassination of Franz Ferdinand took place, it was clear that the Black Hand group had been infiltrated.

In 1914, Major Voja Tankosic, a member of the Black Hand, told prime minister Nikola Pasic about the plot.

Pasic did not want the assassination to take place, as he feared it would lead to a war with Austro-Hungary.

The Serbian government sent a warning to the Austrian government, but it seems that the warning was ignored. (Trenches on the Web - Timeline: 28-Jun-1914 - Assassination in ...)

Pasic ordered that Gavrilo Princip, Nedjelko Cabrinovic and Trifko Grabez be arrested when they attempted to leave the country. His orders were apparently ignored.

According to a Wikipedia article, (Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand - Wikipedia, the free ...) the Chief of Serbian Military Intelligence Colonel Dragutin Dimitrijevic, known as Apis, may have played a part in the assassination.

Apis confessed to a Serbian Court in 1917 that he had ordered the assassination of Franz Ferdinand in his position as head of the Intelligence Department. (Dedijer, Vladimir. The Road to Sarajevo, Simon and Schuster, New York, 1966, p 398 )

However, when Apis made this confession, he was on trial in Serbia, accused of treason against the King of Serbia. Apis apparently believed that he would be treated more leniently if he was thought to have been the brains behind the assassination.

As it turned out, the king and his supporters decided that Apis was to be shot.

Back in 1914, the Austrian military was keen to blame the Serbian government, rather than a bunch of nationalist students who might have been acting on their own.

Austria's chief of staff, General Franz Baron Conrad von Hoetzendorf, wanted war against Serbia.

When the Austrian Council of Ministers met on July 7, the majority opted for war.
Sometimes it is difficult to tell which side is pulling the strings.
Prior to World War I, Alfred Redl was the Chief of Counterintelligence in the army of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He was homosexual and was blackmailed and bribed into becoming a spy for Russia. (Nona: Alfred Redl)

Redl gave to the Russians the Austrian plan for the invasion of Serbia.

Redl was eventually caught by agents that he had himself trained. Redl's apartment in Prague was searched. Uncovered were sexually explicit photographs of Redl and other Austrian officers.




Iran, the Jewish Lobby and Drugs - The Shah and the Jewish lobby; Ahmadinejad and dru...

False Flag terrorism in Berlin - Classic false flag operation: disco La Belle in Be...

The Internet - BBC News

Fred Thompson President of the United States 2008-2012 - declares on Jay Leno

The last picture Kate McCann took of Madeleine - Photoshopped forgery ?


Children need loving adults

UK Crisis: escalating violence by children. HARDtalk speaks with Camila Batmanghelidjh who runs Kids Company UK.

Do we need more pedophiles working with kids?




"Some of the main suspects in the 1986 Berlin disco bombing... worked for American and Israeli intelligence." - From the guys who brought you Murder, mayhem in the morning in Manhattan ... DIY Rambos ready to hit Ramstein



On 12 October 2002, bombs exploded near the Sari Club and the Padi Club in the heart of Kuta, in Bali. 202 people were killed and several hundred were injured.

On 16 October 2002 Indonesian police arrested a former Air Force officer who confessed to building the bomb. This officer was later released.

According to a news story in the Sydney Morning Herald, 2 November 2002, the Indonesian security services may have handled the Bali bomb.

"Some time around the 30 October 2002, senior officers in the Indonesian military HQ gave a piece of information to a military attache from a Western embassy in Indonesia - the source of explosive used in the October 12 bombing in Bali was the head of the counter-terrorism unit with the army's special forces."

The father-in-law of the officer concerned is Hendropriyono, who was then Indonesia's spy chief.

(The Sydney Morning Herald story has been removed from its website.)

Allegedly, Kuwaiti citizen Omar Al-Faruq played a part in the Bali bomb plot.

Al-Faruq was arrested in Bogor on June 5, 2002 and handed over to the US authorities.

Former Indonesian State Intelligence Coordinating Board (BAKIN) chief A.C. Manulang was quoted by Tempo as saying that Al-Faruq was most likely a CIA-recruited agent.

A Pentagon official in Washington has confirmed that al-Faruq escaped from a U.S. detention facility in Bagram, Afghanistan, on 10 July 2005.

The airline manifest of Garuda airlines shows that at least two generals from Jakarta visited Bali three days before the bombings and that they returned to Jakarta one day before the Sari Club was blown up. This was confirmed by armed forces chief General Sutarto, who claimed that General Djaja Suparman was on vacation, while General Ryamizard Riyacudu, chief of staff, was said to have gone to Bali for health reasons.

General Suparman is allegedly one of the generals behind certain 'Moslem' militias. He reportedly set up militias to counter student demonstrations in 1998. One of these militias, Pram Swarkasa, allegedly became Laskar Jihad.

Bomb explosions in Indonesia have have often been linked to the military. A bomb at the Attorney General's office in Jakarta in July 2000 went off one hour after Tommy Suharto had been interrogated by the police. The bombs were reportedly traced back to the army and a former member of Suharto's guard.

A spate of explosions in the capital Jakarta in 2000 included a huge car-bomb blast in the underground parking lot of the Jakarta Stock Exchange. Two members of Kopassus (army special forces) were convicted and jailed for that act of terrorism.

It was reported in the Jakarta Post that convicted Bali bomber Ali Imron had been seen, in 2004, having a Starbucks coffee in a plush Jakarta shopping mall in the company of top police official Brigadier General Gorries Mere. Imron apparently also visited the Hard Rock Cafe.

After Amrozi had been arrested for his part in the Bali Bomb, National Police chief General Da'i Bachtiar had a face to face meeting with him. Bachtiar laughed, shook hands and posed for photographs with Amrozi.

Most of the top Indonesian generals have been trained in the USA.

Wahid on SBS Dateline: Bali Bombing 2002

This video is from SBS Dateline, an Austrailian news show,in which former president of Indonesia,Abdurrahman Wahid, points to the involvement of the Indonesian Military Intelligence and Police in the 2002 Bali bombing.

The Transcript of this program has been removed from the archives of the SBS, Australia's Special Broadcasting Services.


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DIANA and LOCKERBIE and 9 11

Princess Diana died in 1997. The Diana inquest should begin in October 2007.

Will the evidence be manipulated? Will all the key players be controlled by the security services?

It has been alleged that the Lockerbie Bomb trial was entirely fixed by the security services in order to cover up the alleged crimes of the spooks.

It has been suggested that the 'bomb timer', which was a key piece of evidence in the Lockerbie Bomb trial, was planted by the CIA. "It had been manipulated, but when I tried to say that the judge cut me off." -Probe into Lockerbie timer claims / Lockerbie - who were the key players in the trial?...

It has been suggested that the recording of a telephone conversation between Diana and her friend James Gilbey may or may not be played to the jury at the Diana inquest. Diana inquest may hear 'Squidgy' tapes

Michael Mansfield, QC, representing Mohamed Fayed, said Diana believed she was being watched by the security services in the 1990s.

In the tapes, published in 1992, but recorded in 1989 or 1990, Mr Gilbey, a car salesman, calls Diana "squidgy".

A former royal protection officer, Ken Wharfe, has claimed that the security services were responsible for the squidgy tapes.

Mr Fayed, whose son, Dodi, was killed along with Diana and their driver in Paris, says that the recording should be examined at the inquest.

The coroner, in charge of the inquest, is Lord Justice Scott Baker.

He has asked how the recording made in 1989 or 1990 could be relevant to Diana's death in 1997.

Mr Mansfied says an expert, John Nelson, supports the princess's idea that she had been under surveillance by MI5.

According to Mr Mansfield: "What Mr Nelson's report relates to is that the public explanation that has been given, that it was an amateur radio ham, was plainly not right."

Lord Justice Scott Baker states: "I'm not persuaded at the moment."

At the Diana inquest, the jury will hear about:

the treatment of the princess at the crash scene, the journey to the hospital, her treatment at hospital, the embalming of princess's body, her post-mortem examination, the claim that she was engaged, claims that she was pregnant, the bodyguards' evidence, and Henri Paul.

Tens of thousands of legal documents and photographs detailing the circumstances surrounding the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, have gone missing, according to a French newspaper. 5 September 2007: Princess Diana death dossier 'disappears'

Will the Diana inquest hear that Fayed made his money after he married Samira Khashoggi, the sister of the international arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, who employed him in his import business in Saudi Arabia.

Will the Diana inquest hear the alleged the evidence of former spy Richard Tomlinson:

"In 1992 I was working on an operation to recover high-tech weapons from the former Soviet Union. This operation was being conducted in collaboration with a very powerful arms dealer whose exact identity I did not know.

"When I read the file I discovered that this arms dealer was in very frequent contact with Mr Mohamed Al Fayed. I saw that the MI6 informant supplying this information had a code beginning with P, followed by several numbers. As this source was mentioned several times I tried to find out who it was. It was a Frenchman who was head of security at the Ritz Hotel." - Shaphan: December 2006

Reportedly, Khashoggi was implicated in the Iran-Contra Affair as a key middleman in the arms-for-hostages exchange along with Iranian arms dealer Manucher Ghorbanifar.

Reportedly, in 2006, Khashoggi was named in the News of the World as a client of Heather Mills McCartney when she allegedly worked as an escort.

Allegedly, Khashoggi had links to the flight school where Mohamed Atta learnt to fly.
What are the alleged Khashoggi links to 9 11?

The following comes from - Adnan Khashoggi Linked to 911 Terrorists

Of the 220 flight schools in Florida, Atta had to pick Huffman.

Wallace Hilliard, Khashoggi's lackey, bought Huffman Aviation in 1999, and hired Rudi Dekkers, a Dutchman, to run it. The following year, Hilliard's LearJet was stopped on the runway at Orlando Executive Airport by armed DEA agents.

At Huffman, too, the CIA was a silent partner. Sander Hickes, a reporter for the Long Island Press, found that Hilliard "did business with Myron Du Bain, who worked alongside late ex-CIA director John McCone on the boards of several banks. Du Bain was chairman of the Fireman's Fund Insurance Company in 1981 when the company announced plans to acquire Employers Health, an insurance company cofounded by Hilliard."9

In July, Daniel Hopsicker, after a two-year investigation into Huffman Aviation, offered from his MadCowMorningNews web soapbox the suggestion that Mohammed Atta had been engaged "in a lucrative drug trafficking operation which linked Osama bin Laden's thugs and drug lieutenants to their equally-thuggish American counterparts. This places the two terrorists at the same airport where DEA agents brandishing submachine guns seized a Lear jet belonging to the owner of the flight school [Hilliard] where Atta and Al-shehhi were taking lessons ... at that very moment."

DEA agents, Hopsicker wrote, "discovered 43 pounds of heroin aboard Hilliard's Lear. The Orlando Sentinel hailed the bust as 'the largest seizure in Central Florida's history.' After we'd learned the whole story, we discovered the bust had been an accident, carried out by low-level DEA operatives not clued-in to the protected nature of the trade. Nor was this the only time Hilliard's name came up in connection with narcotics trafficking."10

Likewise, Hilliard's Saudi boss would soon be immersed in criminal activity of his own -- with direct ties to terrorism -- in Armenia. Banking fraud was rampant there, Global News Wire reported in August, 2004, "thanks to the Arab millionaire Adnan Khashoggi - an active partner of Armenian businessmen in the illicit drug and arms trades." Khashoggi's first bucket-shop banking operation was a branch of the Caucasus Investment Bank in Susa. In quick succession, with the assistance of Abu Muslum, an Arab businessman, he opened the Hamaz and Beit ul-Muqaddas banks.

Rovsan Novruzoglu, a political scientist and director of the International Strategic Research Center in Azerbaijan, observes that Adnan Khashoggi's banks "played a big part in the formation of terrorist camps and in the opening of laboratories for developing chemical and bacteriological weapons in Nagornyy Karabakh."11

9) Sander Hicks, "No Easy Answer - Heroin, Al Qaeda And The Florida Flight School," Long Island Press, February 19, 2004.
10) Daniel Hopsicker, "9/11's Big Dirty Secret," MadCowMorningNews, July 19 2004,
11) M. Macidli, "Azerbaijani Daily Outlines Activities of International Armenian Haybun Organization," Global News Wire, August 27, 2003.


Family Values


Larry Craig and the Charade of "Family Values"

aangirfan: Fred Thompson

"It had been manipulated, but when I tried to say that the judge cut me off." -Probe into Lockerbie timer claims

Raids foil plot to bring 7/7 terror to Germany

aangirfan: Classic Double Agents in False Flag Operations

aangirfan: The classic false flag operation.

"Alisher Usmanov, Arsenal wannabe owner's criminal past unearthed by Uzbek ex HM Ambassador Craig Murray "

National DNA database being built by stealth

"The forthcoming (Oct 22nd) trial of Mr Castree for the murder of Lesley Molseed who has been identified by DNA "lost" by the West Yorkshire Police looks set to be very interesting... readers will recall the circumstances it was lost and how Mr Stefan Kisko was locked up as a a result by further falsification of evidence." - Lesley Molseed - DNA samples found in Wetherby - a litle bit of history ...... DNA on trial - R v Castree after the fuckups and lies of R v Kiszko

"Mr Motala says police also suspect he was the unidentified male who bought the rucksacks which contained the bombs from a Millets store in Leeds six days before the bombings." Cousin of 7/7 leader: I'm not the fifth bomber Special reports ...

"Shopkeeper Eddie McTiernan of the Alamo sports shop in Wakefield, West Yorks, claimed last night that Hasib Hussain bought the rucksack which contained the explosives that blew up the bus in his shop just 24 hours earlier.'I'm absolutely 100 per cent sure this man was in my shop,' he said. 'The only comment I remember him making was: 'That'll do nicely'." - Source

aangirfan: The Israelification of British and American society.

Fake Photos Helped Lead US to War in Iraq

Events conspire to aid Scots leader


Tuesday, September 04, 2007


On 4 September 2007, at least 25 people were killed and 68 injured in two bombings aimed at military intelligence targets in Pakistan's garrison city of Rawalpindi near the capital Islamabad. Blasts hit Pakistan garrison town
There are a number of world leaders who, reportedly, were (1) put into power by the CIA and then (2) toppled by the CIA.
Think of Noriega, Suharto, Saddam Hussein, Marcos...

Pakistan's Musharraf may be about to be toppled.
In 2006, Musharraf wrote a book in which he claimed that Omar Sheikh, one of the primary financers of the 9/11 attacks, may have worked for British intelligence during the 1990s.

“It is believed in some quarters that while Omar Sheikh was at the LSE (London School of Economics) he was recruited by the British intelligence agency MI6,” Musharraf writes in his book, In the Line of Fire: A Memoir.

From US turns against Musharraf, Asia Times Online, January 12, 2006:

"According to a contact who spoke to Asia Times Online, a person close to the US Central Intelligence Agency paid a low-profile visit to New Delhi in the third week of December and briefed strategic planners on Washington's plan to try to curtail the role of the Pakistani army."

On 25 march 2007, the UK's Sunday Telegraph, reportedly close to MI6, stated:
"Two exiled former prime ministers of Pakistan will launch a joint attempt this week to drive the current president, Pervez Musharraf, from power. Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif agreed to join forces during a meeting in London after weeks of political crisis in Pakistan have left its military strongman with a tenuous grip on power."

According to the CIA is in the process of trying to find a replacement for Pakistan's president, Pervez Musharraf. Reportedly, the CIA hopes to replace Musharraf with a military officer.

DailyNewsAnalysis India's source is 'a well placed diplomat'.

The US sent head-of-state hunters from the Central Intelligence Agency to scour the Pakistani military apparatus to identify a suitable replacement for General Pervez Musharraf.

The extraordinary recruitment mission — reflecting the seriousness of purpose and urgency with which the Bush administration wants to oust its ‘most valuable ally’ — was disclosed recently by a well-placed diplomatic source...

A team of CIA operatives was subsequently sent to the country to sort out pro-US army officers, one of whom could be considered Musharraf’s successor as the commander-in-chief.




Was Libya framed for Lockerbie bombing?

Diana: Vital New Evidence Blows Apart Police Case - Daily Express

Clerics Issue Fatwa Against Nuclear Energy (Indonesia)...

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Friends of Israel


"Any decision to omit or censor reports about explosions at the World Trade Center or indications of Israeli involvement would have been made by the senior executive of each network. In the case of CNN it would have been Gerald M. Levin, the CEO of Time Warner, who acquired Turner Broadcasting in 1997. (Levin unexpectedly announced his resignation in December 2001, less than three months after 9-11.) At FOX News the top decision maker would have been Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corp. At ABC News it would have been Michael D. Eisner, CEO of Disney, the network's parent company." - Israeli Control of the Mass Media& the 9-11 Cover-Up

The Zionist BBC?

Obviously they didn't do it on purpose

'The drugs-ring is said to have been set up by Israeli Mossad agents.' - BBC News WORLD Lockerbie: Conspiracy theories

Vital Lockerbie evidence 'was tampered with'

Lockerbie - who were the key players in the trial?...

aangirfan: David Cameron and the Neo-Cons

Ian Wright promotes Israel

Rangers fan thrown out of Ibrox for waving Palestinian flag

"Denis MacShane, Iain Duncan Smith and Chris Huhne were involved, and they appear to have taken a perfectly legitimate investigation regarding the state-of-play with anti-Semtism, into an attempt to score political points against pro-Palestinian campaigners." - Mixing anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism

Nicole Kidman, Michael Douglas, Dennis Hopper, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Danny De Vito, Don Johnson, James Woods, Kelly Preston, Patricia Heaton and William Hurt. Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, Michael Mann, Dick Donner and Sam Raimi. - Hollywood Friends of Israel

aangirfan: Kick these Friends of Israel out of the UK parliament!

aangirfan: Time to close down the supporters of Israel


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Lockerbie - who were the key players in the trial?

John Orr, joint head of CID in Strathclyde police, was the chief investigating officer in the Lockerbie case. Sir John Orr got promoted to Chief Constable of Strathclyde Police (1995 to 2001). (The Herald : News: OTHER NEWS)

'The Golfer' is the former Scottish police chief who has given lawyers a signed statement claiming that key evidence in the Lockerbie bombing trial was fabricated. 'The retired officer - of assistant chief constable rank or higher - has testified that the CIA planted the tiny fragment of circuit board crucial in convicting a Libyan for the 1989 mass murder of 270 people.' ( News - Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked)
Two state prosecutors from the US Department of Justice played an important role in the Lockerbie trial. The United Nations observer at the Lockerbie trial, Dr Hans Kochler, reported that two state prosecutors from the US Department of Justice were in court, and, although not listed in any of the official documents about the Court's officers, they were constantly briefing Scottish prosecutors. ( UN Claims Lockerbie Trial Was Rigged)

Lord Fraser was the lord advocate (1989-92) who initiated the case against Megrahi. On 20 December 2006 Lord Fraser was detained by police after they were called to Dundee Airport following reports of a disturbance on board an aircraft. Lord Fraser was charged with disorderly conduct. It was announced on 2 February 2007 that the Crown Office had dropped these charges due to insufficient evidence that an offence had been committed.

Lord Hardie, as Lord Advocate 1997-2000, was due to lead the prosecution team in the Lockerbie trial. Lord Hardie resigned just before the Lockerbie trial began. There were rumours that there was a lack of evidence to convict the Libyans.

Colin Boyd was Lord Hardie's successor as Lord Advocate. He became Lord Boyd of Duncansby.

Norman McFadyen, then regional procurator-fiscal for Edinburgh, headed the Crown Office trial team at Camp Zeist in the Netherlands. He got promoted to Crown Agent, head of department for the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service.

Alan Turnbull, QC, was one of the two senior counsel leading the Crown team in the Lockerbie trial. In 2006, he became Scotland's youngest judge at the age of 47.

Advocate-depute Alastair Campbell, QC, was senior prosecution counsel in the Lockerbie trial. In 2003, he was appointed a judge and became Lord Bracadale.

Bill Taylor, QC, was defence counsel for Megrahi at Camp Zeist. He has been heavily criticised for failing to defend Megrahi successfully.

Alistair Duff was the defence lawyer for Megrahi.

Professor Hans Koechler, the United Nations' observer at the Lockerbie trial and appeal, has accused Mr Taylor and Mr Duff of betraying Megrahi by failing to represent him properly.

Eddie MacKechnie was solicitor to Fhimah who was acquitted.

Tony Gauci was the key crown witness and owner of the Maltese shop where Megrahi was said to have bought the clothing reportedly placed around the bomb. At the trial, Tony Gauci was uncertain about the date he sold the clothes in question, and was not sure that it was Megrahi to whom they were sold. Gauci gave two earlier statements in which he identified convicted Egyptian terrorist Abu Talb as the person who bought clothing. Gauci gave earlier statements saying he did not sell a shirt to the man but six months later remembered selling shirts and the man. Two of Gauci's statements are missing. A babygro said to have been wrapped around the bomb and shown to the court blown to pieces was recovered intact, according to a statement from the woman who found it. Five years after the trial, Lord Fraser allegedly described Gauci as a “simple” man who might have been “easily led”. Lord Fraser was the lord advocate (1989-92) who initiated the case against Megrahi.

The Strathclyde police reportedly arranged for Gauci to go fishing, hillwalking and birdwatching in the Scottish Highlands. The Mail on Sunday newspaper said Gauci had been recorded on tape talking about five or six visits he had made to Scotland since 1988. Four members of Gauci's family are also said to have received some form of police hospitality during the investigation. (The Scotsman - Scotland - Lockerbie trial row over witness’s trip)

J Thomas Thurman was the FBI man who identified a fragment of a circuit board from a timing device which, he said, was from the Lockerbie bomb. Thurman was later removed from his FBI job after a US Department of Justice investigation concluded his FBI forensics lab had a record of fabricating evidence.

Edwin Bollier is head of the Swiss-based Mebo group which was supposed to have sold the timing device reportedly used in the Lockerbie bomb. Bollier claims that one of his employees supplied the Scottish police with a stolen timing device, which was then presented in the trial as having been found amidst the plane's wreckage.

Ulrich Lumpert is the Mebo employee who reportedly has now admitted that the device he handed over to Scottish investigators was one he himself had stolen from the company, rather than part of a batch delivered to Libya in the 1980s.

Lord Sutherland was the presiding judge at Camp Zeist.

The other two judges were Lord Coulsfield and Lord MacLean.

Lord Cullen was head of the five-judge panel which presided over the appeal of Megrahi at Camp Zeist in 2002. The other four judges were: Lord Kirkwood, Lord Osborne, Lord Macfadyen, and Lord Nimmo Smith.



Staying cheerful without drugs; natural remedies

..and now the good news from President Karzai's Afghanistan

Marines Ordered To Execute Civilians In Nazi-Like Slaughter

Pentagon ‘three-day blitz’ plan for Iran

Street Children in Haiti - Family Circle Boys Home


"Turks with an average of 14.5 partners have had more sexual partners than any other nationality in the world... - Indians most committed love-makers

"The Chinese have hit the latest Durex Global Sex Survey by winning the title for having the most sexual partners each, claiming 19.5, far more than the world's average 10.5. Last year, in a similar Durex survey, Chinese women were found to be the sexiest in men's eyes worldwide. The year before that, Chinese people were labelled the most faithful lovers, with about 70 per cent saying they had only one sex partner." - People's Daily Online -- Durex sex survey another promotion stunt

"Bollier spent five days in the witness box at the Lockerbie trial at Camp Zeist in the Netherlands. 'I was a defence witness, but the trial was so skewed to prove Libyan involvement that the details of what I had to say was ignored. A photograph of the fragments was produced in court and I asked to see the pieces again. When they were brought to me, they were practically carbonised. They had been tampered with since I had seen them in Dumfries.'"- Vital Lockerbie evidence 'was tampered with'

"At Coulport naval base, Strathclyde, on December 3, 1987, a faulty Polaris missile was being unloaded from the submarine HMS Repulse. As it was being locked down on a trailer, a crane hoisted it into the air, causing it to swing wildly and to crash into the trailer supports." - Britain drops nuclear bomb. Fortunately it doesn’t go off
'Four Americans, including a Marine working at the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, have been arrested for allegedly assaulting workers.' - Indonesia Raya


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Gun Crime

Graph: /

Alasdair Palmer and Julie Henry in the UK Sunday Telegraph, 26 Agust 2007, wrote about Why violent crime has doubled in a decade - Telegraph

David Fraser, a former UK probation officer and author of A Nation Fit for Criminals, is quoted as saying: "so few young criminals actually get sent to prison."

"The courts and the probation service still use every possible excuse to avoid imposing a custodial sentence," says Fraser.

The Sunday telegraph refers to Peter Williams, 18-year-old, who committed dozens of serious crimes but avoided jail; then, while he was serving his "community sentence", he murdered Marian Bates in 2003.

The Sunday Telegraph article suggests that very tough sanctions can reduce violent youth crime.

The Sunday Telegraph refers to Boston, Massachusetts, which, in the early 1990s, experienced a huge increase in street shootings by young gangsters.

Between 1991 and 1995, Boston's average number of "youth homicides" was more than 40 a year.
The Boston Gun Project (Boston Gun Project) reduced the number of killings by more than 60%.

1. Researchers identified who the gang members were and where they lived.

2. The police and probation services tracked them down and prosecuted them.

3. Tough sentences were handed out - and publicised.

One poster read:
Problem: Freddie Cardoza. Gang member.
Solution: Criminal Conviction.
Arrested with one bullet.
Sentence: 19 years, 7 months.
No possibility of parole.
Address: Otisville Federal Correction Institute,
Maximum Security Facility, New York.

The Sunday Telegraph points out that in the UK : 1. the police are not accountable to the electorate, 2. long sentences would be difficult to impose because of the Human Rights Act.

However, the Sunday Telegraph article continues: "even much shorter sentences, properly enforced, would have significant effect... We could stop the rot - by reinforcing the rule of law."

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