Saturday, August 25, 2007


The father of Gordon Brown's new International Development Minister Baroness Shriti Vadera owns a Ugandan tea plantation where workers earn as little as 62p a day. - Father of Brown aide pays tea estate workers just 62p a day

"Imran Khand, a Glasgow-based entrepreneur, is revealed as a leading financial backer behind Muslim Friends, which funnelled £100,000 a month to Labour between March and June... Khand is a close associate of Mohammad Sarwar, the controversial Labour MP who chairs the organisation. Sarwar was embroiled in a vote-rigging scandal in the late 1990s which saw him suspended from the parliamentary Labour party... Khand has recently set up a series of companies with a Pakistani arms salesman and is also funding a British parliamentary inquiry into 'tackling terrorism' via another organisation." - Brown hit by new sleaze row over Labour funds

"Glasgow High Court heard that cash and carry managing director Athif Sarwar, 28, had handled thousands of pounds of money described as 'criminal property'..." MP's son guilty of huge cash scam

"The European Union finally wishes to set itself up as the supreme government of Britain and 26 other countries, with unlimited powers over every aspect of our lives: a government we cannot dismiss and which is unaccountable. It is nothing less than a complete coup d'etat. And Gordon Brown wishes to see this imposed on us without allowing us a referendum..." - The Future is a Foreign Country: Christopher Booker's notebook

In the UK, gun-related killings and injuries (excluding air weapons) have increased over fourfold since 1998 - Ministers 'covered up' gun crime

"According to locals, the car park where Rhys died had become a meeting place for gangs, yet plans to have police there between 8pm and midnight were withdrawn last May... It is depressing by comparison that a camera was already in place on a beach in Sussex to catch two girls exposing their breasts, and police were available to arrest and charge them, and accompany them to court last week..." - Police fiddle while children get killed

Robert Fisk on 9 11


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