Sunday, August 05, 2007


Photo: British Marines surrender their weapons to Argentinian elite troops, April 2 1982. From Siete Días magazine, April 1982.


De Menezes shooting in London: Reportedly Sir Ian Blair told the world that the police had shot a dangerous terrorist, while at the same time Sir Ian's closest aides already knew that the police had shot an innocent man.

"Paddick claims that at 3.15pm on that Friday he was told by two of Sir Ian's closest aides, Chief Superintendent Moir Stewart and Chief of Staff Caroline Murdoch, that the dead man was a 'Brazilian tourist'... Minutes later, said Paddick, Sir Ian told a Press conference that the shooting was directly linked to the operation to catch the failed bombers – a statement that Paddick felt did not tell the whole truth." - De Menezes shooting investigation 'like an episode of Fawlty Towers'

De Menezes - Special Reconnaisance Regiment - Glad...

A former top cop reveals how the Stockwell shooting exposed failings at the very heart of the Met

Brian Paddick on Lib-Dem shortlist for London mayor

"Documents from the National Archives at Kew show the UK considered allowing Argentina to build a base in 1976." - UK held secret talks on Falklands

aangirfan: The Falklands War 1982

An American company appears to be responsible for the foot and mouth outbreak in Britain. Merial has a laboratory three miles from the Surrey farm hit by the disease. - Foot and mouth 'came from American research centre three miles from outbreak'

"Last night, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said that the strain of foot and mouth disease found on a farm in southern England was identical to one used at a nearby laboratory... The only two laboratories licensed in this country to work with live foot and mouth disease virus are at Pirbright, Surrey, within three miles of the infected farm." - Countryside in crisis: Outbreak linked to leak from foot and mouth laboratory /Virus lab behind foot and mouth outbreak

Foot and Mouth - conspiracies - bird flu

"Working closely with special forces and the security services, he gave detailed briefings to SAS commanders involved in operations following the London terror attacks in 2005. His resignation has stunned colleagues..." - ARMY TERROR CHIEF QUITS OVER AFFAIR

Top Army terror chief quits after admitting he cheated on his wife

"The newspaper said that in the Twenties the Foreign Secretary's grandfather, Samuel, then Shimon, Miliband, a native of the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw, had fought under the command of Trotsky 'eliminating' white Russians opposed to Communism." - Putin aide: 'Miliband's hatred for Russia runs in family'

Prison official lifts the lid on our convict drug shame

Scotland enjoys boom time


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