Friday, August 31, 2007


"Amiran Nir, working as Israel's terrorism consultant to PM Shimon Peres, was given the job of working with the US on the Arms for Hostages deal... A US Navy commander has since claimed that VP George H. W. Bush, Sr. and Amiran Nir met at Jerusalem's King David Hotel in July 29, 1986 to brief him on the Arms for Hostages deal. According to Joel Bainerman: 'Nir was secretly taping the entire conversation. And this provided evidence linking Bush to the Arms for Hostages deal. At the meeting were McKee and Gannon, who would soon die in the Pan Am flight over Lockerbie.'" - The COREA Connection?

"In almost every case of human trafficking for child sex slavery, from Chile to Australia, to Bosnia, to Portugal, to Belgium, court proceedings get shut down or diverted when a clear connection to the elite arises." -

How Britain put Nazis' top men to work - London Telegraph


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