Monday, August 06, 2007


"The only peaceful way to end this tyranny is if all the states secede from the US. We alleviate ourselves from federal debt, localize the economies, and get rid of federal control. No more Patriot Act, no more dismantling of habeas corpus, and no more bodies in Iraq. Yes, some of the welfare states will be forced to actually contribute to their own welfare. No more farm subsidies, no more handouts. If I want to help someone, it is my choice. The states can ally themselves regionally (which seems much more efficient given our shared utilities and resources) or not. It's all about local control. Sure, there would be a few horror stories along the way, but it's still better than citizen internment camps." - A Simple Solution – Secession

"According to Indian Intelligence sources Dawood has been sent to Kazakhastan. The former CIS countries are reportedly a hot-bed of underworld activity and an important link in the drug link... Sources have confirmed that Dawood reportedly left for Kazaksthan in April after sending his wife and children to London." - Dawood expanding base?

Lockerbie convict 'will soon be home in Libya'


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