Tuesday, August 14, 2007


"Here is the proof is that Google has implemented some kind of script that is giving all the alternative media sites less that 1/4th of the Link Relevance that they deserve.

"If you go to Google and simply type in http://www.yourwebsite.com/ you will find the REAL number of sites that have a link back to your website. This does not mean that the sites are being added to the Link Relevance, it only shows that they have the link on their website.

"Want proof? Let's do some searches of various alternative media related websites and see what we get.

"Now notice that the 'Link Search' brings up 2,960 pages that are linked back to www.infowars.com, but when you look at the actual numbers of sites with links to www.infowars.com the real number is 207,000."

'Sex scandal' - The Mountbattens and Nehru


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