Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mohammed Atif Siddique

The following has been updated:

"A 21-year-old Scottish student, Mohammed Atif Siddique, from Alva, in Clackmannanshire, has been charged with five offences, which he denies. The charges include possessing articles useful to a person preparing for an act of terrorism, such as instructions on bomb-making and guerrilla tactics. He has also been accused of putting details on websites to encourage terrorism. Mr Siddique was arrested in Alva in April 2006." - Student tried on terror charges

"After his arrest, Atif Siddique asked his lawyer 'to state that he is not a terrorist and he completely and utterly condemns the atrocities of 11 September and 7 July.'" - Indymedia Scotland: Imprisoned without trial in Scotland

"Eldest son Mohammed Jnr, 27, a law student, added: 'Atif is a 20-year- old boy and he's an inquisitive boy. He was curious to find out more about the war in Iraq. I think he visited a few websites, maybe like the Al-Jeezera website, but there's nothing wrong with that. He is totally against terrorism.'" - The Sunday Mail - NEWS - HUMILIATED

"Four years ago, Operation Scotia led to the arrest of 14 Algerians over a supposed plan to bomb Edinburgh's Hogmanay Party. But the nine men charged were all eventually freed amid defence claims there was no evidence." - The Sunday Mail - NEWS - HUMILIATED

"Ms Hussain... told the court that the accused claimed to have met Osama bin Laden and was visiting or planning to visit 'training groups' in Edinburgh or Stirling. On another occasion the trial heard Siddique said he was going to 'blow Glasgow up.' Ms Hussain said: 'At times you did take him seriously. At times you didn’t take him seriously.'" - Student trained in terror in Capital

"The High Court in Glasgow... heard claims... that the 21-year-old had said Osama Bin Laden was his 'god'. Fozia Begum told the court that Mr Siddique made the comment about the al-Qaeda leader while they were all students at the college in 2003." - Student 'wanted to be a bomber'

Former deputy head teacher at Alva Academy, Alexander Donoghue, taught Siddique in computing and social education. He said: 'He was a very quiet boy, always very well turned out, very respectful, but not a very high academic achiever. I would say that he was above average in terms of attitude, always wore his uniform, very polite and courteous to staff.' - Terror accused was 'model pupil'

According to the BBC (Terror accused 'had Osama video' ) computer expert Michael Dickson has given evidence about Siddique's laptop computer.

"The reason Dickson was upset has been erased from this version of the story, but his testimony pointed out that the incriminating videos found on the laptop all had creation dates LATER than the time the laptop was confiscated from the suspect!

"He told the court: 'An initial examination of this system revealed it was last activated between approximately 2219 BST and 2330 BST on 5 April 2006. This immediately struck us as being unusual as we were informed that the computer had been seized from the accused's possession at about 2000 BST the same date.'

"Mr Dickson said further examination revealed that the times and dates associated with more than 200 files on the system had been updated between these times."

Are certain people worried about losing Scotland and losing Scotland's gas and oil? Are sections of certain security services planning to carry out acts of fake terror in Scotland? - aangirfan: Fake terror planned for Scotland? Terror team draws up ...



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