Sunday, August 19, 2007

Conflict is the goal?

Photo of Cairo by Hartmut Inerle.


Allies refuse to send more troops to Afghanistan as death toll rises

Shock UK injury toll in Afghan war

Military commanders tell Brown to withdraw from Iraq without delay

Fatigue cripples US army in Iraq

Britain faces Iraq rout says US

US lending crisis may force Fed to slash rates

"During this period, we have seen several interlocking phenomena: 1) interest rates that on the whole have been much higher than the previous period of the New Deal and its aftermath, lasting into the 1960s; 2) inflation that has eroded eighty percent of the value of the dollar; 3) replacement of our producing industrial economy with a service economy dominated by high finance; 4) almost continuous warfare with a clear objective of world domination whose purpose is to shore up the dollar as the world’s reserve currency; 5) ever-deepening public, private, and household debt; 6) the ever-widening gap between rich and poor, with increasing numbers of the poor, homeless, and hungry who are left out of the nation’s economic life; 7) a crisis in the nation’s crumbling infrastructure; and 8) the constant whipsawing of over 200 million ordinary people." - How Far Will the Crash Go and What Do we Do Now?

"The Egyptian ruling class, has done very well by the continued existence of Israel. Billions of dollars of American money now flows to Egypt, or rather to the Egyptian ruling class, that would not be flowing had Israel been wiped off the map. The Egyptians have every reason to see Marwan as some kind of hero, even if he seemed to betray the interests of his country... Conspiracy theorists often think conflict itself is the goal of the world’s ruling classes, rather than winning." - permanent link


"Al-Qaeda's... purported ideological founder was Sheikh Abdullah Azzam. Sheikh Abdullah Yusuf Azzam ran Maktab Khadamat al-Mujahidin al-Arab, the recruiting arm of the CIA-ISI operation against the Soviets in Afghanistan... Azzam’s connection to the Muslim Brotherhood is a significant factor, considering the Muslim organization was long ago penetrated and made to jump through hoops for the sake of MI6 and later the CIA... As is often the case with useful but ultimately disposable Muslim fanatics, Sheikh Abdullah Azzam was assassinated on November 24, 1989 and Osama bin Laden took his place. - Abdullah Azzam and the Omissions of Neocon Historians

"The American Establishment and the Chinese Establishment are on the same side: the new head of Chrysler is a guy from Home Depot who is an expert at doing business in China, and Chrysler’s Chinese manufacturing ally, Chery, is about to start making cars . . . in Iran)"- permanent link

Sick Britain: Shock doubling of knife crimes

One child in five drinks 'heavily'

Which of Alex Salmond's 3 Scottish options do you prefer?
Independence 77.2%
More Devolution 10.6%
The status quo 12.2%


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