Friday, August 10, 2007



What kids are saying about Google: "Google is a corrupt corporation that does not care about people."

"A decade of housing bubbles in the Anglo-Saxon countries and Europe's Club Med group, where euro membership has played havoc with monetary policy, has left many countries acutely vulnerable to a slowdown, let alone a full-blown slump... This time we may have to tighten spending or raise taxes if we go into a downturn." - Running out of credit

"Sunni minorities control a majority of Shias and other ethnic groups in Bahrain, the Emirates, Oman, and other Gulf states... The strategy of fragmentation suggested by Yinon in 1982 is not confined to the Arab world, or even the Middle East. Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan are all part of Yinon's strategic thinking... Israel wants all other countries in the region to be restructured along sectarian, ethnic, doctrinal or racist lines." - Manifest colonial domination

"Israel signed a peace treaty with Egypt, but only to get the largest Arab country out of the conflict. With Egypt out of the scene, Israel had an opportunity to dictate its conditions to other countries in the region. If it succeeds in doing so, it will turn against Egypt once more and try to get back by force the land it had to give away for tactical purposes." Manifest colonial domination

HUNDREDS of millions of dollars intended to educate impoverished children were stolen by former president Soeharto and should be repaid, according to an Indonesian Government lawsuit.

"The police sometime look around the kitchen, but most likely because they are hungry. The meals we give them are booked as 'spoiled' or 'theft', but if the policeman is an officer we write it off as 'food tasting' in our books." -


Police to use terror laws on Heathrow climate protesters

Julius III - 'Pedophile Pope'

Pakistan arrests Dawood Ibrahim
Pakistan denies Dawood Ibrahim's arrest

"American pressure against the government escalated, including attacks on Nicaraguan ports and oil installations (September 1983-March 1984) and the laying of magnetic mines outside Nicaraguan harbours (early 1984), actions condemned as illegal (June 27, 1986 Nicaragua v. United States) by the International Court of Justice. The U.S. refused to pay restitution and claimed that the ICJ was not competent for the case. The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution in order to pressure the U.S. to pay the fine. Although only Israel and El Salvador, which was receiving massive amounts of military aid to fight its own guerrilla insurgency, voted with the U.S., the money still has not been paid." - History of Nicaragua - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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