Monday, August 06, 2007

Facebook, YouTube and Censorship

Adverts have been withdrawn from Facebook by companies including Vodafone, First Direct, Halifax, Prudential, Virgin Media and the AA.


It has emerged that their ads were appearing alongside those of the far-right British Nationalist Party. (Government rejects Facebook as a friend)

This blog is not in favour of the British National Party, partly because the BNP is probably being run by the security services and various other 'odd' people. (aangirfan: The Boys' Nipples Party; 'Open-mouthed, I shall dream ...).

But, this is partly a question about free speech and democracy. Are these companies, like Vodafone, opposed to free speech?

Are adverts to be withdrawn from blogs that criticise Corporate America or blogs that want restrictions on immigration?

Should supporters of free speech withdraw their support from Vodafone?

Last week the Professional Association of Teachers called for websites such as YouTube to be banned, to prevent bullying of children and teachers. (We mustn’ t be bullied into closing down YouTube)

Are we to ban alcohol (because some people drink too much) or driving (because some people drive too fast)?

Let's have a balanced position on all of this. And let's, at all costs, avoid censorship of the critics of the government, the military and the corporate world.


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