Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Divide and Rule

Iraq - It looks as if the secret Anglo-American-Israeli plan has always been to get the Sunnis fighting the Shia - a policy of divide and rule. However, there is evidence that the Iraqis do not want their country split up: A winning goal, then back to war

"... A reminder of how strongly many Iraqis still want to live together in a single nation. Iraq's 1-0 victory over Saudi Arabia... set off a wave of celebrations.

"Sunnis risked their lives diving into the Tigris to save hundreds of Shia pilgrims who fell into the river after the collapse of a bridge in 2005.

"Shia clerics called on their followers, apparently successfully, not to retaliate against innocent Sunnis after the second bombing of the al-Askari shine in Samarra in June of this year.

"Iraqis will also occasionally speak of smaller, more private acts of national unity, such as Sunnis caring for their Shia neighbours' houses after the latter have been run out of them by insurgents." - A winning goal, then back to war


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