Thursday, August 02, 2007



"According to General Kirtcho Kirov, the head of Bulgarian secret services, Intelligences Agencies of about 20 countries have been involved in the deal...

"The deal was initiated by the former Head of MI-6 Global Operations, Marc Allan, who arranged a series of meetings between Bulgarian and Libyan secret services agents...

"Kirov also told the Bulgarian newspaper 24-Tchassa that he was aware that the deal would also involve large oil groups as well as arms manufacturers. Following Blair’s visit to Tripoli last May, British Petroleum signed a US$900 million contract with Libya...

"The agreement to swap the medics for Megrahi was finalized during Blair visit to Tripoli earlier this year... It has long been suspected that the US and the UK governments would do whatever necessary to avoid a re-trial of the Lockerbie bombing." - Libya Foreign Medics Swapped for Lockerbie Convict

Scottish liberal Democrats switch to the Scottish National Party: YouGov's monthly survey for The Daily Telegraph ( What are the Scottish Lib Dems for? )

August 2007 result in Scotland compared to the 2005 election result
Liberal Democrats down 19%
Scottish Nationalists up 11%


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