Friday, August 10, 2007

David Shayler - always an MI5 disinformation agent?

How do disinformation agents work?

9/11 disinformation agents try to do the following:
1. become the main spokespersons for the 9 11 movement on TV and at public meetings

2. cause divisions within the 9 11 movement

3. create red-herrings

4. eventually reveal themselves as mad, over the top fantasists.

David Shayler, who has worked for the UK security agency MI5, may be a disinformation agent? (I'm God, says renegade spy David Shayler the Daily Mail)

Or he may be suffering from delusions? Shayler says: "I am absolutely convinced ... that the universe is changing shape and humanity has to prepare for that, and that I am here to help teach people."

Fintan Dunne ( : The CIA's Internet Fakes) may be a disinformation agent.

Fintan Dunne accuses the following good people of being untrustworthy:

Alex Jones
Prof. Michel Chossudovsky
Sibel Edmonds
Dan Hopsicker
Michael Meacher
Mike Rupert
Mike Rivero

If David Shayler has always been a disinformation agent, how has he operated? Possibly like this:

1. He has suggested on television that 9 11 was probably the work of people within the security services (YouTube - David Shayler speaks on 911)

2. Then he has revealed himself as 'the Messiah', so that the public will be disinclined to believe his comments about 9 11.

We can expect lots of spooky people on the internet to be telling us in future that if we believe 9 11 was an inside job, then we are like David Icke or David Shayler!

The winter 1999 issue of Lobster magazine (#38) reviewed David Shayler's book about MI5.

The reviewer wrote "the whole Shayler affair is quite odd" since Shayler is a "technocrat" who "ratted" not out of ideology but apparently for personal reasons, and is an animal of the system he criticises. Lobster points out that Shayler was able to get his book published. (MI5: Shayler-gate)
In August 1997, Shayler passed documents to the Mail on Sunday newspaper that alleged that MI5 was paranoid about socialists and that it had previously investigated Labour Party ministers Peter Mandelson, Jack Straw and Harriet Harman. (David Shayler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).
Shayler's information about Mandelson (and friends) looks like disinfomation, as other sources have suggested that Mandelson has always worked for MI6. ( aangirfan: MI5 and MI6)
One theory about David Shayler runs like this: The UK security services drove David Shayler over the edge, with drugs and hypnosis.



Unknown said...

On a different note, sounds like what has been going on in the UFO 'communities' for decades!

Anonymous said...

Yes he's disinformation, part of the psyop-but he mixees truth and fiction.. For example, it is true what he says about MI6 conducting terror operations in Libya with Al-Qaeda, but he lied when he said it was a government operation. It was not. It was a rogue MI6 allied with a private, transnational, criminal syndicate.

see the video, 9/11 syndicate, part 2, London MI6:

Anonymous said...

me and my friends met with david recently in a coffee house where he tried to convince us of his ludicrous
messiah claims. it ended with him getting annoyed with us not believing him. not a very effective psyop slightly confusing 3 hippies the only person he is really effecting is a kindly new age healer who has taken pity on him. this will not bring down the counter culture poor shayler has recently dicovered hallucinagens and has now gone a bit bonkers hope he gets well soon

Anon said...

Very many thanks for the comments. They are much valued. - Aangirfan

DrHemp said...

I know David and have met him few times recently. I can tell you he certainly is not still working for MI5, I'm afraid he's just nuts. Whether MI5 have had any part in sending him nuts is another story.

A shame really, as when he's not talking about this Messiah nonsense, he actually knows a lot of stuff and is quite a nice bloke.

Anonymous said...

I am the REAL messiah... David can't even turn water into wine or walk on water. I can.

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