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Bush secretly allies with Iran against Israel?

jalil bahar at tells us about Iran:

The following are extracts:

Bush and his allies seem to be actually reinforcing Iran's regional influence... None of the sanctions have any teeth...

The net result of all this influence is the emergence of a significant regional power and a major threat to Israel. I submit that this is a deliberate strategy of the Bush administration...

There is no question that the Bush family has had a very long (secret) relationship with the Iranian Mullahs.

It was in October 1980 that George Bush senior flew secretly to Paris to meet with Iran's ruling Mullahs to finalize a deal for Iran's Mullahs to hold the US embassy hostages through the US presidential election period in November and thus humiliate Jimmy Carter and guarantee a landslide election victory for Ronald Reagan.

It is reported that among Bush's delegation that visited Paris that October weekend was no less than Democratic Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia (a one time self confessed Klu Klux Klan leader).This meeting, as we all know, led to the continuous supply of arms to Iran during the Iran-Iraq war and what was later labeled as the Iran-Contra affair during the Reagan Presidency...

One other consequence of Bush's meeting with the Mullah's was a formal accord between Iran's mullahs and the United States called the Algiers Accord which guaranteed Iran security from a US invasion which was ratified during Reagan's first term as President...

Two of Iran's greatest enemies have been eliminated for Iran essentially by direct U.S. military force, with significant covert assistance from Iran.

In Afghanistan, Iran's puppets (The Northern Alliance) came under direct US military command and led the invasion of Afghanistan using Iranian armaments, with hugely successful results. Many Northern Alliance leaders are now cabinet members in the Karzai government.

Similarly in Iraq, Iranian backed Shiite leaders have assumed complete power.

Iran's mullahs have done so much to support the U.S. it's unbelievable! It can be measured in real terms (dollars and cents).

For example they have given away almost half of the Caspian Sea to US and British oil companies to pillage and plunder.

Literally trillions of oil and gas wealth underneath the Sea in areas once claimed by Iran (before the 'Islamic Revolution') is now being extracted and piped out by Unocal, BP, Conoco, and others. (Note that Condoleeza Rice was a Director at Conoco).

Then there is the humorous use of Iran's clergy as local bogey men that has resulted in the Saudis and other Arab states (around the Persian Gulf) committing to $80 Billion in U.S. made arms this past year. We all know these arms are just going to sit and rot in the dessert! But the deal is done, and Iran made it happen!

On the one hand, US leaders have been accusing Iran of supplying IED's to Iraq's insurgents (while at the same time not being able to account for major shortfalls in US military inventories, like 190,000 machine guns); and then on the other hand Iran has had record business deals with Iraq providing basic supplies to Iraq to help stabilize the country such as Electricity to several major cities, kerosene in the winter, air conditioners, tires, sugar. It's rhetoric on one side and then real actions on the other!

It is my belief that many in the United States have realized that Carter's (Camp David) deals between Israel and Egypt resulted in the neutralization of Israel's biggest threat: Egypt.

Israel left the negotiating table, knowing they would be better off, because they would then be able to do whatever they wanted, without any body stopping them.

They have systematically absorbed more and more of the West bank at will without any motivation to negotiate a final conclusive peace with everyone. They continue to hammer the Palestinians at will, unimpeded.

Israel has been secured, but, the United States continues to pay a very heavy price for its unwavering support for Israel.

Jewish influence in American politics has essentially meant that any politician or entity that that even suggests a reevaluation of American strategic interests with respect to Israel “ is immediately shot down and banished. America has become absolutely impotent in dealing with Israel.

In fact the US's formal foreign policy was being set not in Washington but in Tel Aviv. Whatever Israel wants, Israel gets.

Many patriotic leaders in this country realize this, and it seems are finally doing something about it.

Meanwhile, Iran has steadfastly supported Israel's foes. It has provided significant support for Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Palestinian territories. Iran also has a strategic alliance with Syria. When no one in the world would assist the Palestinians last year (remember US, Europe and Israel cut off their assistance), Iran coughed up $80 Million dollars in emergency aid to help meet Palestinian payrolls and obligations.

As Iran's hand is strengthened, Israel's hand becomes weakened.

And as there is increasing public political pressure for the US to pull out of Iraq a new vacuum will emerge which will result in Iran walking into Iraq with open arms, into a country already angry at the United States (and Israel) for 5 years of continuous bloodshed and instability.

Nothing has in fact improved in Iraq.

Suddenly Israel will have a major force on its doorstep, an alliance of Iran, Iraq, Syria Hezbollah and Hamas, and this new threat might just create enough pressure on Israel to finally negotiate a final settlement with its foes.

Maybe then, the Israelis will take their hold off of the United States!

It's a brilliant strategy, because all along, American politicians can appear to be acting on a pro-Israeli basis.

Big bad wolf, Iran, has done this, and done that, and, we (America) invaded Iraq to stop Saddam Hussein from financing Palestinian suicide bombers, and, we (America) eliminated another Israeli enemy, and, we (America) stand firm and resolute in the face of Islamic Terrorism...

Meanwhile, Iran's hand has been secretly strengthened!

The Bushes have played an excellent hand undermining Israel through their long-time, good and loyal friends Iran's Mullahs, while appearing to be steadfastly supporting Israel.

Yesterday, there was the largest (and bloodiest) series of car bombs to date in Iraq, in a tiny village in Western Iraq where, a Yazidi tribe live, that US troops had recently abandoned. Why would something like this happen in such a remote village?

The answer: 80,000 Yazidis near the Syrian border are pro-Israeli and will get in the way of an Iran-Iraqi-Syrian alliance against Israel.

Connect the dots and the answer is sitting right there in front of you.


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