Thursday, August 02, 2007

Attachment Disorder

What's wrong with kids these days? Is there a growth in bad parenting? What is Attachment Disorder?
"Teenagers who see adults fighting at home are more likely to lash out violently against others - and a quarter of them try to kill themselves each year."
Suicide rate soars among teenagers from abusive families

Children affected by any of the following in the first three years of life, may suffer from attachment disorder: ( Attachment and Attachment Disorder)

1. Drug or alcohol use by parents.

2. A child being unwanted. An unwanted pregnancy.

3. Violence in the home. Physical, sexual or emotional abuse at home.

4. Neglect of physical or emotional needs. Working mothers.

5. Several family moves and/or daycare or foster placements.

6. Poor parent skills, inconsistent responses to child.

7. Mothers with depression.

Symptoms of attachment Disorder can include: ( Symptoms of Attachment Disorder)

1. Lack of discipline. Extreme control battles.

2. Destructive to self and others.

3. Stealing and lying.

4. Preoccupation with violence.

5. Poor performance at school

6. Lack of scruples. Lack of conscience

7. Poor peer relationships


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