Monday, July 30, 2007


"Does she (Dame Stella Rimington, former director-general of MI5) think the Russian secret service killed former Russian security agent Alexander Litvinenko? 'If the Russians did, their tradecraft has deteriorated remarkably from what I knew...'" - 'I thought it was all amusing'

State Terror: "In Green's analysis, the Iberian inquisitions were tools of the state, not of the church, but in the long run the state was weakened by their excesses. Their stifling effect on intellectual enquiry fuelled the decline of the Spanish and Portuguese empires...

"The Inquisitions were fuelled by corruption and malice, and many inquisitors were sexually predatory. The downfall of Archbishop Carranza of Toledo at the hands of Inquisitor-General Fernando Valdes was set in motion by Valdes's jealousy at Carranza's appointment..." - FT WEEKEND MAGAZINE - NON-FICTION: Lend me your fears

Google news:
Street brawl videos, with a Pepsi ad on the side

YouTube - Bring YoungTubersUnited AND Jesari Back

Tycoon ‘set up private brothel’


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