Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tam McGraw

Glasgow 'crime boss', Tam 'The Licensee' McGraw, has died 'of a heart attack' in Glasgow.

McGraw owned security companies, taxi firms, pubs, and a property portfolio in Scotland, Ireland and Spain worth 'at least £10m'. McGraw's empire is said to be worth £30 million in total. (In Scotland it has been estimated that 47% of individuals are earning under £10,000 per year.)

Allegedly, McGraw's main income came from the sale of heroin and cocaine. It has been claimed that McGraw was backed by corrupt police officers, who passed on confiscated drugs which McGraw then sold on the streets. - Gangster reign of The Licensee brought to end by heart attack / GANGSTER NO1 IS DEAD'

After one failed robbery, McGraw was arrested while trying to flee on foot. Charges were dropped and he was released the following morning. (According to the Mail on Sunday, 29 January 2006, only 3% of crimes in Scotland result in convictions.)

One of the McGraw family businesses, the Caravel pub, was suddenly bulldozed after the police learnt that it had played a role in the deaths of Joe "Bananas" Hanlon and Bobby Glover. The demolition prevented a planned forensic investigation. - An inglorious end to the shadowy life of a feared gangland criminal

Reg McKay, in The Daily Record, 29 August 2005, reported that a street brawl between police left people scrutinising the cosy relationship between the Licensee (McGraw) and 'his police officer pals.'

"One of the Serious Crime Squad grabbed McGraw and tried to take him away from his Scottish Crime Squad captors. Tug of war was on. Then one man threw a punch and bedlam broke out with police wrestling, kicking and butting each other as McGraw stood in the middle of the battle totally ignored.
"Locals gathered for the best entertainment they'd had in years. Duelling rozzers. One or two joined in, taking the chance of a free swipe at a copper. Eventually peace was restored and the two police outfits went into confab. Whatever was said, the handcuffs were unlocked and Thomas McGraw walked back to his flat, a free man once again."

The Daily Record wrote: "Local uniforms and CID could often be found sitting in the McGraws' home drinking tea and smoking.

"When McGraw bought The Caravel pub, certain well-known detectives were in regularly, drinking heavily and never putting their hand in their pockets. It was too cosy."
McGraw was a friend of loyalist (Northern Irish protestant) terror chief Johhny 'Mad Dog' Adair. 'Both men were deeply involved in the drug trade between Scotland and Ulster (Northern ireland)' ( McGRAW: PETTY THIEF TO A £30M FORTUNE HOW DRUG-DEALING )
According to the Daily record: "Deals between crime boss Tam McGraw and the IRA saw a unit of republican heavies travel to Glasgow at The Licensee's expense to protect him... (summer of 2002) when hitmen were said to be lining up an assassination attempt." Daily Record - Scottish News - PART TWO OF A DAILY RECORD SPECIAL ...
A rival to McGraw was Arther Thompson. Former 'Glasgow godfather' Thompson reportedly was selling guns to the UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force). "He got caught, and decided to turn grass for MI5. They then told him he could pretty much start the drugs trade in Glasgow." - Donal MacIntyre - erutufonnofuture
Rod “Popeye” McLean was 'a ruthless killer and international drug baron'. Reportedly, McLean worked for the British security services - MI5 and MI6. - Ecosse: My killer uncle
Who was McGraw really working for?


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