Saturday, July 21, 2007


"Erdogan... recently asked Washington to explain how US arms get into the hands of the insurgents. It is unclear, he said pointedly, whether the arms fall into the PKK's hands via Iraqis or if the US supplies the PKK directly." - TURKEY'S FAULT LINES

The BBC has suffered another credibility blow after admitting that it made up a Newsnight survey suggesting that most of Britain and Scotland's leading businesses were not in favour of independence. - BBC apologises in row over 'mistake' in SNP survey

Do you trust the BBC? (
Yes - 32.4%
No - 67.6%

"Our ill-trained youth will kick Britain out of the elite..." - Liam Halligan

"The Sunday Times has... discovered that there was a... key piece of evidence – a diary kept by Evans that allegedly details a series of meetings at the House of Lords in 2004 with Lord Levy, Blair’s chief fundraiser, to discuss a peerage. One well-placed Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) source said the diary was 'dynamite' and provided 'spectacular' evidence of an alleged 'agreement' for Evans to be ennobled in return for a £1m loan." - No 10 honours plot: four new names

Barack Obama’s foreign policy agenda is virtually identical to that of the Bush administration, including his approach to the “war on terrorism”. Obama has promised a robust US military-intelligence presence in Iraq and the Middle East to “root out Al-Qaeda”.... Mitt Romney promises to “combat radical Islam” with a war agenda identical to Obama’s (which is identical to Bush-Cheney’s). Romney’s provocative speech at the Herzliya Conference speaks for itself. -Washington's Consensus Al Qaeda Deception by Larry Chin


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