Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Craig Murray notes that not far from the London 'terror' vehicle, another mysterious event recently took place - the death of Egyptian wheeler-dealer and alleged Mossad spy, Ashraf Marwan. (http://cannonfire.blogspot.com/2007/07/london-terror-and-egyptian-mystery-man.html)

The following is taken from: The Marwan Mystery http://www.scallywag.org/diana/chapter-ix.html

"He was, in effect, Chief of Staff for Information and Chairman of the Arab Corporation for War Industries. These two posts alone would represent great and lucrative power in Sadat’s Egypt. But then Sadat appointed him Head of the Security Forces. This made him not only the ultimate supremo of the army and air force, but also the civil and secret police. This was not only unprecedented, but almost inconceivable. It was this man, don’t forget, who would ultimately become a principal player against the Fayed family.

"Between 1974 and 1978 Marwan masterminded a mass of arrests and created sophisticated torture chambers, which reflected Sadat’s terrible fear of assassination. Marwan played on this fear to consolidate his power. His name in Cairo changed from the "Miracle Child" to "Dr. Death." as wave after wave of legal terrorism swept the capitol. In his capacity under Sadat, Marwan managed to stash no less than £340 million, mainly in London where he was madly buying property...

"It is not known, but widely assumed, that Marwan was the brains behind the assassination [of Sadat]...

"My main question is simple. How was a man like Marwan able, for two decades now, to operate terrorist activity from the UK and France with complete impunity? It is absolutely impossible that he could have evaded the interest of the whole world’s intelligence services, including MI5, MI6, the CIA, Mossad, all the Arab states, France, and, because of his strong connections with Rowland - who had vast interests in Africa - most of Africa as well, without ever being molested or restrained in any way. As a friend of Gaddafi, for example, he would automatically have been an enemy of Israel. He faces immediate arrest in the US. Why not in the UK? Why has the US not tried for extradition proceedings?"


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