Tuesday, July 10, 2007


David Davis, the shadow home secretary, said: "This trial has revealed that the ringleader in the 21/7 plot was allowed to leave the country to train at a camp in Pakistan and return to plan and attempt the attack. "This was despite the fact that he was facing criminal charges for extremism. - Police let bombers slip net

When Yudhoyono took office in 2004 he promised new policies to stimulate foreign investment, alleviate poverty and provide millions of jobs - vows that remain largely unfulfilled... Further besmirching Yudhoyono's reputation is a burgeoning scandal involving former fisheries minister Rokhmin Dahuri, who admitted in court that he distributed US$1.8 million in government money to candidates in the 2004 elections... Radical Islamic parties received few votes during 2004 legislative elections - Courting Sharia In Indonesia

Does Yudhoyono need an opportunity to discredit Moslem parties?
Terror warning real, says PM

The Indonesian military was put into power, and is kept in power, by the USA. Indonesia's President Yudhoyono is a former Suharto general and has always been a friend of the Pentagon. He was involved in the conflict in East Timor. - aangirfan: Jogjakarta earthquake, 'Indonesia's Gestapo', and the ...


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