Sunday, July 01, 2007


The following is a comment at The Scotsman website:

"Yes indeed it would seem SCCRC are not as independent as they would have us all believe eh? They discuss policies etc and meet with the following on a regular basis.
Crown Office, Lyndsey Anderson
High Court, Tom Higgins, Appeals Manager
Strathclyde Police, Jannette Joyce.
Justice Department, J, Clark Pearson
Yes they certainly don't seem as independent when you look at this crowd eh.

"It would seem that their sole sponsors are ... wait for it.... Yes Justice Department. Their Chief Exec Gerard Sinclair also sits as a part time Sheriff........ Yes independent of what exactly are they claiming? Listen to their Senior Legal Officer that investigated Megrahi's case on the following Link and tell me this guy got a fair hearing from SCCRC?"

"Their Senior Legal Officer was certainly caught with his pants down here Eh? How can they reject so many grounds of appeal from the best Appeal QC this country has in Margaret Scott. I hope now when she is lodging grounds at the High Court she does not miss them. It is open for Megrahi to now argue grounds and lodge his own with Court and he is free to argue grounds even if they were argued at his last appeal. He is not limited to just the grounds SCCRC have used to refer, lets be clear on this issue."


The following is from the Sunday Herald Http://

"CRUCIAL EVIDENCE that could have cleared the Libyan convicted of the Lockerbie bombing was not presented at his trial, the Sunday Herald can reveal."

According to the Scottish police, al-Megrahi arranged for an unaccompanied Samsonite case to travel on Air Malta flight KM180 from Malta's Luqa airport.

Reportedly, the airport's head baggage loader told the Maltese police investigating the disaster that there were no unaccompanied items among the luggage that he counted on to flight KM180 to Frankfurt.

Prosecutors claimed the Samsonite case contained the bomb that eventually went on flight 103.

According to the Sunday Herald, "It is understood this evidence was not heard at the original trial and the baggage loader was not called to give evidence."


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