Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Honours List

The following is fiction.

John - So who is on the list for possible honours?

Mary - P. may get a peerage, and that football chap's to get a knighthood. Joseph Goebbels is also down for a gong. Theres' an old lady in Braunau am Inn due for an OBE. And some old bloke in Sedgefield deserves an MBE.

John - Eva Braun?

Mary - She'll become a Dame.

John - The editor of Der Stuermer?

Mary - A peerage.

John - Security services?

Mary - Reinhard Gehlen to get the Order of Merit.

John - Industrialists?

Mary - Fritz Thyssen deserves something. Meyer Lansky's being left out.


Who got honours in Harold Wilson's final honours list?

The Times wrote, in May 1976:

"One reads the roll of honour: Delfont, Grade, Kagan, Rayne, Weidenfeld, Goldsmith, Hanson, Miller, Sternberg.... Are they his friends?"

Sir Robert Maxwell (born Ján Ludvík Hoch) was at one time the Labour Party's biggest backer. Reportedly, Maxwell 'looted pension funds'. He is buried in a place of honour in Israel.

Who are Tony Blair's backers and friends?

The majority seem to be Jewish millionaires: Lord Levy, Blair's fundraiser-in-chief and leading friend of Israel; Lord Bernstein; Sir Emmanuel Kaye.... etc.

Reportedly Blair's accountant is, or was, Michael Goldstein of Blick Rothenberg.


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