Wednesday, July 25, 2007


In his Guardian article, 26 July 2007, Labour peer Anthony Giddens writes "At the outer edge of possibility, terrorist groups could acquire nuclear capability. We must mobilise against such risks, and have to strike a new balance between liberty and security to do so."

Giddens does not mention Operation Gladio, Operation Northwoods or the Jubilee Plot. The Jubilee Plot, you will recall, was a British government false flag operation, using patsies, to discredit certain opponents. There are people in Britain who believe that the Lockerbie Bomb incident was the work of elements of the security services of the USA, who were trying to cover up a drug smuggling operation. If most of the terror events are the work of the security services, then we may need some fresh thinking on security matters. - Liberty in the balance

Anthony Giddens is the author of Over to You, Mr Brown: How Labour Can Win Again. Giddens's "third way" political approach was Bill Clinton's and Tony Blair's guiding political idea. -


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