Wednesday, July 04, 2007


"Enjoy one of the last freedoms left: Internet freedom and 'some' freedom of speech. Right now in Congress 1)they are working on getting rid of our right to blog, and to speak as we wish on the net. 2)Also trying to pass another hate speech law!"


"Data obtained under the British Freedom of Information Act showed that Britain’s Ministry of Defence officials had met Libyan officials regularly over the past three years in order to pave the way for an arms deal with the Libyan regime."


The latest YouGov shows support for the SNP on the constituency vote at 38%, up five points from last month's election. Scottish Labour polled 31% of first-past-the-post preferences, one point down on the Holyrood election. The Conservatives were down three points to 14%, while the Liberal Democrats dropped four points to 12%.

Is MI5, aided by the media, trying to undermine Scotland and the SNP?

Glasgow and London 'terrorists' are linked to MI5
"Some of the suspects detained following the Glasgow and London terror attacks had appeared on the MI5 database, it has emerged. Whitehall sources said that the Security Service had established "linkages" with a number of the individuals although it was not clear how much was known about them.",,-6756320,00.html


"Lockerbie: Gauci never made 'positive identification' of Megrahi." -

"The Herald can reveal today that Talb is not immune from prosecution and could therefore be tried for the atrocity if Megrahi is cleared..." -


"LAWYERS representing Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi are to press ahead with claims at his appeal that evidence was tampered with.

"As revealed in Scotland on Sunday last week, the defendant's legal team have gathered numerous examples of what they claim is clear evidence of missing or altered statements." -


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