Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fred Thompson

"On July 7th the Los Angeles Times reported that back in 1991 Mr Thompson accepted a lobbying job that required him to help persuade the first Bush White House to allow family-planning clinics that receive federal funds to offer advice on abortions. Team Thompson denies the story. However, the lobbying group's minutes support it, potentially branding the candidate a liar as well as unsound on abortion. Not a great start for a man who is not yet formally in the race." - Presidential candidates Hitting the buffers

After President Bush commuted Libby's sentence Thompson released a statement: "I am very happy for Scooter Libby," Thompson said. "I know that this is a great relief to him, his wife and children. This will allow a good American, who has done a lot for his country, to resume his life." Political Leaders Express Outrage, Support for 'Scooter' Libby's Commuted Sentence

On June 29, 2002, Thompson married Republican consultant Jeri Kehn.

Thompson has non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL), a form of cancer.

Ron Paul Courageously Speaks the Truth


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