Friday, July 20, 2007

Beggars Belief

"One year into the Zeist trial, the prosecutors were told for the first time that the evidence had been fabricated by a former Libyan agent who had become a CIA asset in 1988. Internal CIA cables show that the agency was well aware since 1988 that the man was a fabricator. The Zeist trial constitutes the only case in history where internal CIA documents were used in a foreign court. As a rule, the Scottish Prosecution Authorities have a duty to investigate the credibility of their witnesses before they issue an arrest warrant. In the Megrahi's case, they did not. As they blindly trusted their U.S. partners, they failed to perform one of their most basic obligations.Instead of admitting the fact, they tried to cover it up, thus violating Scottish Criminal Law, which requires the prosecution to provide the defense with any significant information susceptible to help their cause." - Lockerbie: Evidence Fabricated by CIA

"The SNP MP ... suggested the police and Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) may have succumbed to political pressure. 'It simply beggars belief that the police and the CPS both believe no charges should be brought,' he said. 'If this is the case, the next few weeks will be extremely interesting, with assistant commissioner Mr Yates having promised the public administration committee that all the evidence assembled will be made public if required.' - SNP: Lack of charges 'beggars belief'

"Most interesting now will be how the other Blairite boot-lickers and sycophants will respond. Back in February, both the Scum and Martin Kettle ran similar articles demanding that Yates either put up or shut up." - Sticking the boot in.


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