Thursday, July 05, 2007


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"Recall that Mohammed Siddique Khan, the alleged ringleader of the 7/7 London bombings, was working for British intelligence agency MI5 as an informant at the time of the attacks, according to Charles Shoebridge, a 12-year veteran detective of the London Metropolitan Police.

"Moreover, as Paul Joseph Watson notes, 'the British security services were intimately involved in numerous terror attacks in Britain over the past few decades, namely car bombings, that were blamed on the IRA or its offshoots.'

"And then there is the strange case of Abu Qatada, 'a Muslim cleric believed by several European countries to be a pivotal figure in international terrorism,' according to the Guardian, who 'disappeared from his west London home … before a round up of alleged terrorist suspects. It was rumored that he had fled abroad.' However, according to 'senior members of European intelligence services,' Abu Qatada was 'fed and clothed by British intelligence,' that is to say he was protected as an asset.

"'Relatives of two brothers suspected of plotting a terrorist bombing outrage in Britain today made extraordinary claims that they were visited by an MI5 agent in the weeks before they were arrested,' the Scotsman reported on April 1, 2004. 'The eight suspects, all British citizens and Muslims, were held under the Terrorism Act as police found half a ton of ammonium nitrate fertilizer which they believe could have been used in a devastating blast.'

"Finally, it appears Bisher al-Rawi, sweating it out in Camp Gitmo, claims 'he acted as a go-between for British intelligence and an alleged leading member of al-Qa’ida in London,' according to London Independent. 'Mr. Rawi claimed he had acted as an intermediary between Abu Qatada, a Palestinian refugee, and MI5. He named three MI5 agents, ‘Alex’, ‘Matthew’ and ‘Martin’, and asked for them to be called as defense witnesses. Although the tribunal agreed, the British Government refused to allow them to give evidence.'

"None of this, however, means diddly, as the corporate media rarely if ever mentions such suspicious connections and, as in the case of the previous example, these stories often find their way to the memory hole, or rather the '500 Internal Server Error' hole. Of course, the story of the 'al-Qaeda' patsies, neurologists and well-educated medical students, clueless when it comes to making bombs—while no shortage of bored teenagers are able to do so using household chemicals—is not intended to be believable but rather is designed to augment the incessant corporate media campaign to demonize Muslims, part and parcel of the 'clash of civilizations,' that it to say the plan to attack Muslim and Arab countries, kill their grandmothers and toddlers, and balkanize the region, as long ago planned."


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