Friday, June 29, 2007

Under Attack

Graph showing the rate per 1,000 births of congenital malformations observed at Basra University Hospital, Iraq, as reported by I. Al-Sadoon, et al., writing in the Medical Journal of Basrah University. Uranium_bestanden/DEPLETED URANIUM-2- INCIDENCE.htm

Militias in actual control of Basra’s oil industry - Government said to have lost control of Basra

"The national airline of Indonesia, Garuda, and the 50 other airlines registered in the country, will be kept away from the EU." - · Carriers in Indonesia and Russia on no-fly list

"Mathaba.Net came under attack from the British intelligence services as well as Zionist publications in Britain for exposing the involvement of British intelligence in the Lockerbie Trial as well as highlighting the inconsistencies..." - Libyan Wins Right to Lockerbie Appeal


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