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7/7 was the UK 9/11, Zionists lightning strikes twice

London Bombs -Some Hypotheses





How do the super-rich stay powerful and super-rich? They create problems, accidentally or deliberately, and then promise to solve these problems. They use a policy of divide and rule. They get people frightened of ethnic minorities and scroungers. "The Republicans managed to introduce a new dividing line, not between rich and poor, capital and labour; but between people in work and people on welfare, between whites and ethnic minorities, workers and scroungers." - France: Sarkozy’s old familiar song

Complicit, Cowardly Corporate Media Hides Bilderberg

"Presidential candidate Senator Joe Biden admitted meeting with the chief financier of the 9/11 hijackers in the days after September 11." -Biden Admits Meeting With 9/11 Hijacker's Financier

Kill 'em All - American War Crimes in Korea 1 of 5

Kill 'em All - American War Crimes in Korea 2 of 5

Kill 'em All - American War Crimes in Korea 3 of 5

Kill 'em All - American War Crimes in Korea 4 of 5

Kill 'em All - American War Crimes in Korea 5 of 5

Porbandar court acquits Dawood aide in arms act case

Sepp Blatter of FIFA (The International Federation of Association Football)
1998 "Sepp Blatter appointed FIFA president, succeeding Brazilian Jaoa Havelange and defeating vice-president Lennart Johansson in the election. Allegations that 20 African delegates had been paid $50,000 each to vote Blatter into his presidency are fiercely denied."
2001 "Collapse of ISL, FIFA's marketing body, amidst charge of fraud, embezzlement and bribery of FIFA officials. Blatter denies any involvement. The bankruptcy is excepted to cost FIFA in excess of $30m."
2002 "Michael Zen-Ruffinen, FIFA's general secretary is sued by Blatter's own executive committee for compiling a 30-page dossier of actions within FIFA 'worthy of criminal investigation'".
2004 "Blatter tells a Swiss newspaper reporter that he wanted women footballers to wear tighter, more buttock-defining shorts."
2006 "Allegations of bungs, sleaze and vote rigging by those running the World Cup. Jack Warner, president of CONCACAF and Blatter's staunchest ally, is accused of profiting from the sale of black market tickets. Warner currently holds 35 crucial votes within the governing body to keep Blatter in power."
2006 "Blatter is investigated by Swiss police over his role in a secret deal to repay more than £1m worth of bribes."

Indonesia threatened by global warming, rising sea levels

Internet Doomsday Creeps Closer -http://www.infowars.net/articles/june2007/050607Internet.htm

SNP 'right to reprieve A&Es'

SNP delivers on pledge to save two A&E units marked for closure

Swinney says SNP cuts have saved over £500000


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