Monday, June 25, 2007

Slowly Dawning


Reportedly, the following is taken from Lester Coleman's sworn declaration in the INSLAW/PROMIS court case : "Riconosciuto had told [Danny] Casolaro the same thing he had told me about the downing of Pan Am 103. Riconosciuto claimed to be an intelligence officer monitoring the hostage situation in Iran staying at the apartment of [Robert Booth] Nicols in Nicosia, Cyprus. This group of people according to Michael, were also involved in the 'controlled drugs operation' run by the DEA. Riconosciuto stated they were paid in unsigned BCCI travellers cheques. Shortly before the Lockerbie crash Riconosciuto returned to his home in Oregon. He knew the McKee team would be returning to the US to 'blow the whistle' on the drugs operation run by George W Bush (under Reagan). Riconosciuto had told me that when the warning came to the unit in Nicosia about the possible bombing of Pan Am 103, Nicols told Riconosciuto that he would change the reservation for the McKee team to another flight, just as FBI agent Revell's son had done. The night of the Lockerbie crash, Riconosciuto's wife was watching television when she learned of the crash and heard that the McKee team had gone down with the others on board. From that moment Riconosciuto held Nicols responsible for betraying the McKee team." - Lockerbie evidence 'was tampered with, destroyed and overlooked'

"The smuggling of opium from Afghanistan, according to Afghan and Ismaili sources, involves trans-shipment routes through Turkey and the Balkans. The U.S. Special Forces are working with Russian-Israeli Mafia and Greek and Kurdish Mafia syndicates in Turkey to smuggle the opium.The proceeds from the opium smuggling are being laundered through Russian/Israeli Mafia-controlled banks in Cyprus." - Conspiracy Planet - CIA Drug Trafficking - US Special Forces:Govt ...

Newsweek Poll - Which of the following nations has the largest Muslim population? % of those who said Indonesia 23%, India 24%, Turkey 10%, Iran 26%, Don't know 17%? (correct answer - Indonesia)

"What's slowly dawning on middle England is that they've been duped: they were sold a line - a 'fair deal for hard-working families'... Falling Behind, examines the phenomenon in the US, where the middle classes are now working harder than ever to pay exorbitant mortgages on incomes that have stagnated while the wealth of the super-rich has ballooned."- Duped by the super-rich

Court seeks report on Jet Airways chief

Jet Airways' mafia finance? Court wants to know

'The Angry Arab conveys an amazing accident that occurred on CNN, when Nir Rozen blurted out the truth and explained concisely and accurately what just happened in Gaza.'

"In America, the most racist and conservative and genocidal Jews are all, or almost all, European Jews whose forefathers came from Poland." - permanent link

"A 16-year-old was stabbed to death in a street fight involving up to 40 youths in Beckenham, Kent, late on Saturday. Witnesses say Ben Hitchcock was attacked by a group who stamped on his head and forced him onto spiked metal railings." - Teenager stabbed to death in street fight


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