Friday, June 15, 2007

Secret Government


"A former restaurant owner, Kurt Haijby, revealed that he and King Gustav had been lovers from 1912 until 1932."
King Gustav V of Sweden

"His research focuses on the chemical messenger glutamate. 'Glutamate is kind of like the brain's light switch,' he notes. 'If serotonin is the lighting in the room, glutamate would be the switch that turns serotonin on and off.' Rosenberg has found that a reduced level of glutamate in certain parts of the brain is linked to depression. And the effect of antidepressants is clear: after treatment, glutamate becomes normal, and the symptoms of depression diminish. 'When prescribed appropriately, antidepressants do far more good than not,' he says. What is more, Rosenberg's brain scans have shown that not using antidepressants in depressed patients might have a lasting influence on the brain as well. He has found that untreated depression eats away at important parts of the brain." - Kids on Meds -- Trouble Ahead

U.S. Tries To Smuggle C4 Into G8 Protests

Galloway Crackers #16 (BBC Bias Israel/Palestine Conflict)


USA Crimes: Killing 290 Iranian civilians.

Secret Government - Iran Contra

Anger at Blair's 'secret deal' to sign new EU constitution

"Speaking of Israeli psychopathic fantasies, the victory of Hamas over Fatah – ‘ the second liberation of the Gaza Strip’ – is leading Israelis to the idea that Egypt will take over Gaza, and Jordan will take over those few parts of the West Bank that the Israelis have not already stolen. The fake ‘civil war’ engineered by the Zionists isn’t working out right, with Hamas winning far too easily and too quickly." - permanent link

'Now you are paralyzed, as we promised'

Galloway Crackers #12 (wiping Israel off the map)

"Shimon Peres was part of the group that carried out the campaign to bomb US and British assets in Egypt and frame Egyptians for it. When the ruse failed, Peres helped frame Pinhas Lavon for the crime, for whom the Lavon Affair is named. is named."- Israel’s new President: a war criminal par excellence

Executive set to reduce the size of classes


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