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Saudi Arabia, the CIA, bin Laden and Israel

Allegedly, Saudi Arabia has worked closely with US and UK intelligence over many decades.

Allegedly, Saudi Arabia has worked with the CIA and its friends in creating fake terror.

Reportedly, Israel has not always been happy about the closeness of the US friendship with Saudi Arabia and has been keen to stir up trouble for Saudi Arabia.
The Guardian relates that "the Reagan administration... was unable to sell (certain weapons) to Saudi Arabia for fear of pro-Israeli congressional opposition." (Friend of the world's leaders: man at the centre of arms deal ...)
It has been alleged that ultimately the US, UK and Israel plan to break up Saudi Arabia.

The BBC, sometimes accused of being a tool of Israel and the UK security services, has now come up with a story about how a Saudi prince 'was paid arms cash' .

Reportedly, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, who negotiated a £40bn arms deal between Britain and Saudi Arabia, received secret payments for over a decade. "The UK's biggest arms dealer, BAE Systems, paid hundreds of millions of pounds to the ex-Saudi ambassador to the US, Prince Bandar bin Sultan."
The Guardian, suspected by some of having links to the security services, also has this arms cash story : BAE accused of secretly paying £1bn to Saudi prince The Guardian ...
According to The Guardian, "It is alleged by insider legal sources that the money was paid to Prince Bandar with the knowledge and authorisation of Ministry of Defence officials under the Blair government and its predecessors." ( BAE accused of secretly paying £1bn to Saudi prince The Guardian ...)
The Guardian relates that, according to sources, Tony Blair's pal Lord Goldsmith warned colleagues that British 'government complicity' was in danger of being revealed unless corruption inquiries by the Serious Fraud Office were stopped. (BAE accused of secretly paying £1bn to Saudi prince The Guardian ... )

What are the Saudi connections to the CIA and its friends?

1. George Tenet, appointed as CIA director in 1997, had close personal relationships with Prince Bandar bin Sultan. (Bandar bin Sultan)

2. Mark Hollingsworth, in the Guardian 2 August 2005, (,3604,1540654,00.html) reported that Saudi Arabia bankrolled US foreign policy, 'notably $32m to the Contra rebels against the Nicaraguan government, $4bn for the mujahideen in Afghanistan in the 1980s and $17bn for the 1991 Gulf war.'

3. Quoting a French intelligence report posted by PBS Frontline, The New Yorker reports, “During the nineteen-eighties, when the Reagan administration secretly arranged for an estimated $34 million to be funneled through Saudi Arabia to the Contras in Nicaragua, Osama's eldest brother, Salem bin Laden aided in this cause.” [New Yorker, 11/5/01; PBS Frontline, 2001 (B)]

4. According to Larry Chin, Online Journal Associate Editor:"Prince Turki has been intimately involved with the CIA, Pakistan's ISI (a virtual branch of the CIA), and the creation and guiding of Islamic 'terrorism', and all aspects of the geostrategy leading up to, and out of, September 11, and pipeline politics." (Prince Turki, former head of Saudi intelligence, becomes Saudi ...)

5. Mark Hollingsworth, in the Guardian 2 August 2005, (,3604,1540654,00.html) points out that the USA and UK have sold weapons to Saudi Arabia 'at inflated prices purely to produce kickbacks for its senior princes.'

6. Osama bin Laden is reported to have arrived at the American Hospital in Dubai on July 4, 2001. During his stay, Osama bin Laden was reportedly visited by Prince Turki al Faisal, then head of Saudi intelligence. (Guardian, 11/1/01)

On July 12, bin Laden reportedly met CIA station chief Larry Mitchell in the hospital. Le Figaro and Radio France International, stood by their reporting. ( Larry Mitchell ; Context of '1995-2001: Persian Gulf Elite Go Hunting with Bin ...)
7. According to Cooperative Research:
(August 21, 2005: Saudis Pick New Ambassador with Controversial Past)
"Prince Turki was Saudi intelligence minister from the late 1970s until about one week before 9/11 (see August 31, 2001). Then he served three years as Saudi ambassador to Britain. Prince Turki has had a controversial past. He was considered a mentor to bin Laden, and encouraged him to represent Saudi Arabia in the Afghanistan war against the Soviet Union. There are allegations that Prince Turki took part in a series of secret meetings between bin Laden and the Saudis over a period of many years (see Summer 1991; May 1996; Spring 1998; June 1998; July 1998; July 4-14, 2001). There are also allegations that he went falcon hunting in Afghanistan with bin Laden during much of the 1990s (see 1995-2001). In the wake of his appointment as ambassador, US officials try to downplay his past."


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