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Sarwar, McConnell, Reid

Mohammad Sarwar

Rumsfeld and Reid.
Mohammad Sarwar was first elected as the MP for Glasgow Govan, in Scotland, in the 1997 general election.

Sarwar was suspended from holding office within the Labour Party in 1997 when he was charged with election offences,[2][3] but he was acquitted in 1999 and the suspension was lifted.[4]

Sarwar has estimated assets of £16 million.

In 2007 Mohammad Sarwar's son, Athif Sarwar, was convicted of an £850,000 missing trader fraud in a company that had split off from the family business in 2002.[7][8]

"The son of millionaire businessman and Labour MP Mohammed Sarwar has been convicted of an £850,000 money laundering scam.

"Glasgow High Court heard that cash and carry managing director Athif Sarwar, 28, had handled thousands of pounds of money described as 'criminal property'..." MP's son guilty of huge cash scam


Jack McConnell was Scotland's First Minister and part of Blair's Labour Party.

Jack McConnell's wife, Bridget, is head of the Culture and Leisure Department of Scotland’s biggest local authority.

Reportedly, Jack McConnell's wife's department, and Jack McConnell's party organisation in Glasgow, gave Eddie Lyons, an alleged 'gangster', £1.4m in public funds over 10 years to run a community centre used by children.

Reportedly the Lyons’s family has been involved in a 'war' with another group of alleged 'gangsters'. At least 11 people have been shot since 2003 as a result of this 'war'. - Joan McAlpine: This is a nasty stink you cannot just ignore, Jack

'Drug baron Justin McAlroy was gunned down on his driveway in Glasgow's Cambuslang only six days after wining and dining Labour VIPs Jack McConnell and John Reid at a dinner to raise funds for the party in 2002.' - New evidence casts shadow of doubt over conviction in notorious ...


'Police have found cannabis resin in the home of the British Defence Secretary, John Reid, but the minister says he has no idea where it came from.' - Cops' sniffer dogs find cannabis in house of Defence Secretary

According to the Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland) 9/4/2005:

'GRIM-FACED Defence Secretary John Reid shared centre stage at his son's wedding yesterday - with a villain wanted by police. Tony Blair's most trusted minister and fugitive Ronnie Campbell - the father of the bride - stood side by side on the steps of Westminster Cathedral. The Sunday Mail can reveal a warrant was issued for the arrest of Campbell, 47, on Monday after a violent incident involving a woman. Campbell, who sported a gold cravat and kilt, was the target of a recent gangland hit.' - aangirfan: John Reid, UK Home Secretary, MP for Airdrie and Shotts


The following is taken from:

"The Labour Party in Scotland has had an effective majority for decades through its control of the local authorities. During this time it has spawned a distinct social layer who control billions of pounds in revenue, awarding building and planning contracts, administering services...

"The Scotsman newspaper ran several articles on Ferguslie Park Community Business Holdings (FCBH), in Paisley. This scheme, established in the 1980s in the working class area of Ferguslie Park, was supposedly aimed at building 'community' businesses as a means of tackling unemployment. The Scotsman reported that at least part of the FCBH ...had fallen under the control of Paisley's drug gangs and was being used to launder money.

"Glasgow's Lord Provost, Patrick Lally, only recently successfully prevented Labour's attempt to expel him from office following allegations of corruption. Also in Glasgow, millionaire Labour MP, Mohammed Sarwar, has been suspended and faces legal action for allegedly attempting to bribe political opponents."

Nona: Murder capital of Europe.


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