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"Mr. Dalyell: To ask the Prime Minister what reports the United Kingdom and the United States authorities in Cyprus received from Mr. David Lovejoy, an employee of the United States Government directly or through other sources on the movements of the United States hostage rescue team, including Matthew Gannon and Major Charles McKee subsequently killed at Lockerbie, before the destruction of Pan Am 103; and if he will discuss with President Clinton the reasons why these reports were sought.
"The Prime Minister: The British authorities in Cyprus neither sought nor received any such reports." - House of Commons Hansard Debates for 6 Mar 1995

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A former senior British intelligence officer turned BP adviser has been helping negotiate with Libya - BP adviser in talks over medics detained in Libya

aangirfan: Lockerbie Bomb and Ecuador and New Zealand

"Right from the start, the new SNP government has made it very clear that things are going to be different in Scotland. And now the Scottish Parliament has voted to reject the UK Government plan to replace the Trident nuclear weapons system by a huge margin of 71 votes to 16, with 39 abstentions." - The power of protest

Mumbai Police soft on D-gang?

D-company gets boost following release of Iqbal

aangirfan: David Lange says US threatened to kill him.

A bloody epitaph to Blair's war

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