Sunday, June 24, 2007


"For the mass media, the primary issue of concern has been a series of recent opinion polls indicating that the Howard government is set to lose office." - Opinion polls provoke bewilderment in lead-up to Australian election

"Jet Airways was originally set up as a subsidiary of Tailwinds, an Isle of Man based holding company designed as a tax shelter, whose sole shareholder was Naresh Goyal, the airline's NRI founder and chairman... Rumours have circulated that Tailwinds acted as a front for foreign airlines or possibly even Dawood Ibrahim, India's most wanted criminal, as well as global terror organization al Qaeda. - Jet Airways - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - The Tribune, Chandigarh, India - Business - Jet Airways denies terror links news report on BBC news.
Waterloo - A toe-tapping tribute to Dubya's legacy.

Lawyers claim British government approved systematic policy of torture in Iraq - Paul Mitchell, WSWS


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