Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The Turkish invasion of Cyprus:
"Some Greek Cypriots believed then, and still believe, that the invasion was a deliberate plot on the part of Britain and the US to maintain their influence on the island, which was particularly important as a listening post in the Eastern Mediterranean." - New documents link Kissinger to two 1970s coups
"The U.S. wanted rid of Makarios, the President of Cyprus. Makarios was seen as being too independent minded; he had left-wing allies; he was a friend of the Arabs; he was opposed to the fascist colonels who ran Greece and who were regarded as CIA assets."
Turkish troops took over Northern Cyprus in 1974. This was during the final days of the Greek military junta of 1967-1974. Before Turkey invaded Cyprus, Greek Army officers stationed in Cyprus had launched a coup d'├ętat against the President of Cyprus, Makarios.

Mr Martii Ahtisaari UN special envoy for Kosovo
"According to Focus, German BND Secret Service Brigadier Luke Neiman... has a recorded conversation Ahtisaari held with an unnamed ethnic Albanian talking about a transfer of 2 million into Ahtisaari's account from a Swiss bank with an account number 239700-93457-00097 that was masked by an offshore account with a code XS52-KOLER. It is alleged that these accounts were owned by Exhet Boria, a Kosovo Albanian known in criminal circles to be in the very high echelons of the Albanian organized crime that dominates the heroin trade in Europe. Focus also alleges that German BND has records as of February 12, 2007, 6:23 a.m., where a jeep owned by the Kosovo Albanian government arrived at the building where UN Special Envoy Martti Ahtisaari was stationed and handed over two silver color briefcases to Ahtisaari. Focus says the BND agents confirmed later that the briefcases were loaded with cash." -

"Oliver Dulic, the speaker of the Serbian Parliament, has apparently called for a formal inquiry into allegations that Ahtisaari, has accepted bribes from an Albanian organised crime figure, Exhet Boria, a Kosovan Albanian who dominates heroin trade in Europe.It is claimed that these bribes were a payment , in exchange for recommending independence for the Serbian province." -Balkan tales and bulging briefcases - Artisaarri is exposed

KOSOVO: 1996–1999: Conflict between Serbian and Yugoslav security forces and the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), an ethnic Albanian guerilla group seeking secession from the former Yugoslavia.
1999: War between Yugoslavia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation between March 24 and June 10, 1999
[10], during which NATO attacked Yugoslav targets, Albanian guerrillas continued battles with Yugoslav forces, amidst a massive displacement of population in Kosovo


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