Thursday, June 21, 2007

Paddy Ashdown, MI6, Gordon Brown

"Gordon Brown and Sir Menzies Campbell have held secret talks about former Lib-Dem leader Paddy Ashdown joining the Labour Government." - Brown held talks over senior Labour job for Ashdown

"Lord 'Paddy' Ashdown was born in New Delhi in 1941 and came to Britain when his family returned in 1945. He undertook Special Forces Training before becoming a commander in the Special Boat Service (SBS), (part of the UK Special Forces with the SAS), which saw him working in the Far East and Belfast.

"He joined the Foreign Office in 1972 and later stood as a Liberal Party candidate in 1979 before eventually evolving into the leader of the Liberal Democrats in 1988...

"It is little wonder that Lord Ashdown took to his post of Office of the High Representative (OHR), of Bosnia andHerzegovina (B&H) with relish. A man with such a history would never see the irony of a non-elected person, such as himself, dismissing democratically elected members of parliament... Industrial production in Bosnia has fallen by 40%, unemployment is at record levels, and state industries are sold off for a fraction of their true value...

"Ashdown is heard assuring the KLA that he will 'do his best' to get assistance for them... 'The KLA... is tied in with every known Middle and Far Eastern drug cartel.'... It came as no surprise when an article in the Birmingham Post in September this year, revealed that Ashdown hadworked for M16, part of the British Intelligence Service." - A-list message, [A-List] Ashdown, MI6 & The Hague Tribunal

"He left the Royal Marines in 1972 and joined the Foreign Office. He was posted to the British Mission to the United Nations in Geneva where he was responsible for Britain's relations with a number of United Nations organisations." - ASHDOWN WAS MI6 AGENT

"He joined the Liberal party in 1975 - at which time he is popularly supposed to have been serving with MI6 in Geneva under the cover of being the first secretary to the UK mission to the UN." - Sir Paddy Ashdown Aristotle Guardian Unlimited Politics

"A substantial, incomplete, list of 276 past and present MI6 agents has been leaked to Cryptome, a US web site.... One entry: Jeremy John Durham Ashdown (Paddy Ashdown): dob 1941; 74 Geneva (1 Sec). In other words, MI6 posted Paddy Ashdown to Geneva in 1974, where he worked under diplomatic cover, holding the post of First Secretary at the British Embassy." - Nuke Labour: Paddy Ashdown - MI6 Agent

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