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Lockerbie Bomb - a deal being done - to prevent a successful appeal by Megrahi?

Britain will allow the alleged Lockerbie bomber to complete his sentence in Libya, Sky news has reported, June 2007. The deal to send Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi home reportedly followed Prime Minister Tony Blair's recent visit to Libya. - Report:UK to allow Lockerbie bomber to serve out sentence in Libya
Back on 12 Ovtober 2005, The Herald newspaper told us of the Secret plan for 'Lockerbie bomber' Megrahi to leave Britain.

Lucy Adams, at The Herald, 12 October 2005, had the exclusive.

She wrote that there have been secret talks aimed at moving the Lockerbie bomber from Scotland to North Africa.

If Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi moves to Libya, this would probably mean the end of his appeal against his 27-year jail sentence.

UK and American security agencies would prefer the case not to be reopened publicly.

[The Lockerbie Bombing was the biggest act of terrorism in the UK and the CIA does not want people to know who did it. Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked (A Pan Am report is believed to have concluded that the bomb was not aimed at the killing of Americans in general, but was targeted specifically to kill a small band of DIA operatives that had uncovered a drugs ring run by a CIA unit in Lebanon.The drugs-ring is said to have been set up by Israeli Mossad agents.)]

According to The Herald: A successful appeal by Megrahi 'would prove highly embarrassing for the Scottish judicial system'.

A transfer 'would infuriate some of the families, and critics of the original conviction, who believe Megrahi is innocent and want a public inquiry'.

The Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission is considering whether Megrahi can appeal. 'It is expected next year to refer the case back to the appeal court because of new evidence, said to undermine his conviction'.

British, US, and Libyan officials 'have met in London and Geneva to discuss whether Megrahi could be moved to a prison in Libya or neighbouring African country before the decision is made.
'A source close to the discussions said that, once Megrahi was back in Libya, the application to the commission could be dropped...

'Insiders said the US State Department, Musa Kusa, former head of Libyan intelligence, and Foreign Office officials have all been involved...

'Megrahi's wife, Aisha, and family left their safe house in Newton Mearns, near Glasgow, this year and returned to Libya.'

Tam Dalyell, former MP, said "people are discussing preparations" and it shows the government "would want to avoid the horror of the commission finding that the verdict was unsafe and . . . to save the face of Scottish justice".


Extract from a Herald editorial:

"The US lifted its sanctions against Libya last year.

"In common with other developed countries, it wants to exploit Libya's oil reserves, the biggest in Africa and among the easiest to refine and cheapest to produce.

"George W Bush has cited Libya's transformation as vindication of the big-stick approach against WMD and the terror network. That approach has, of course, failed spectacularly in Iraq.

"Washington would not want to risk its one debatable success, in Libya, being undermined by damaging new detail emerging about its new friend against terror."


When Pan Am flight 103 came down over Lockerbie, one of those killed was Charles McKee.

"According to Rodney Stich, Robert Hunt, former Navy SEAL commander and deep-cover CIA/ONI operative, described to him a CIA assassination squad called Operation Ringwind. This operation, according to Hunt, was under the control of then-Deputy Director of the CIA Robert Gates.

'''They call it Operation Ringwind, formed in early 1981. It was strictly to take care of all participants in October Surprise until they decide to shut the operation down. And that could be tomorrow morning, or ten years from now. Whoever they think is involved.''' (Bush administration’s Trojan Horse gift to America and the ...Operation "Mount Rushmore" and "Operation Ringwind")

'Corrupt CIA officials, allowed the bombing of Pan Am 103 to proceed, because Charles McKee knew too much about "Operation Ringwind"' (Mother Tells All About White House Sex Slave Ring And Son's Kidnapping)


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"In 1998, Lindauer was making a deposition in the Lockerbie Trial that contradicted the official Libya did it! yarn, corroborating the accounts of others, such as former DIA operative Lester Coleman that it was instead all about Bekka Valley heroin and CIA drug dealing. (Coleman's book, Trail of the Octopus, can be read online with free registration here.)"Markovian Parallax Denigrate

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