Wednesday, June 20, 2007



Prosecutor in Dawood sister's case withdraws after threats

Postman Patel: Woolmer Murder Mystery - Plod plods : Amazing pictures

"A couple of my in-the-know sources are predicting that Microsoft will buy Yahoo. And then of course there's speculation that Yahoo might combine with eBay... News Corp (is)talking about swapping MySpace for 25% of Yahoo." - Yahoo Ripple Affect On News Corp., Google, Microsoft

"Islam stresses public order and the rule of law. Terrorism destroys this social order and decreases the tranquility of life that Islam emphasizes. During the life of the Prophet Muhammad, whenever there was a choice between conflict and social order, he always chose the path of least violence unless forced to do otherwise. The Qur'an has a strong ethical orientation to help people regardless of their religious affiliation and calls people to faith based on reason and spiritual intuition, not force. Terrorism is an imposition of force and fear to change the minds of people. Muslims must show non-Muslims the beauty of our religion, create peace between peoples, and promote justice and the rule of law. Terrorism runs counter to all these values, and therefore absolutely goes against Islam." - In Allah's Name, Denouncing Terror

So, let us summarize: 1) the brother of a documented CIA-ISI asset has organized teenage “suicide bombers” and promises to unleash these pubescent killers against the United States and Europe and 2) a key North American Union operative admits these supposed terrorists indeed “have a limited ability to travel and get through our border system.” - Coming Soon to a Mall Near You: Dadullah’s “Suicide Bomber” Grads

Dando killer wins right to appeal
Murder evidence questioned

Minister of Justice - Fit for Purpose ????

"Kevin Warsh... is married to the daughter of Ronald Lauder , friend of Ariel Sharon, Chairman of the New York Port Authority who sold the WTC to Larry Silverstein who also has half shares in CETV with Sir Ronald Cohen's Apax Partners who will be replacing the role of Lord Levy... as the representative for Israel and it's many friends in the UK Government." - Morgan Stanley post massive profits growth


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