Saturday, June 02, 2007



The security services putting videos on YouTube? - "Two very curious videos posted by SalafiUK who registered as a You Tube contributor on 29th May... If these fillums represent the propaganda of the Muslim jihad then my name's Osama Bin Laden." Race Riot in Whitehall 14/7/07 - nicely cooking

"Mark Urban , the smug, BBC Newsnight puppet... who distorts the truth for the BBC" - Urban truths exposed on Media Lens

"In January 2001, the U.S.-based pharmaceutical TNC Pfizer used an experimental drug on 50,000 children suffering from meningitis in Kano, Nigeria without official authorization. As a result of the epidemic, 15,000 people died while many others became deaf and blind.

"With Moscow making a deal with Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan over the transport of gas to Europe, the US geo-strategic goal of driving a wedge between the Central Asian countries and Russia lies in shambles. While the US says this is 'not good for Europe', the Europeans are divided. Iran, overnight has become America’s last hope in the energy war.

"Iran war, after two years of huffing and puffing by the Bush government is definitely off the table. Furthermore, with France, Russia, Japan and China investing heavily in Iran, the world has drawn a line in the sand and the U.S. will be told at the conference not to cross it."

Israeli mobsters and ex army officer with pre London Bombings access to London Underground tunnels


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