Tuesday, June 19, 2007

David Courtailler

"In the murky world of terror cells, however, it is sometimes hard to tell who is an informant and who is a double (or triple) agent." - Bin Laden's Invisible Network; Lionel Dumont

"David Courtailler studied accounting at Catholic school with mediocre results, a teacher recalled. He also served a year in an elite army mountain battalion." - Embassy plot offers insight into terrorist recruitment, training ...

"Both David and Jérôme Courtailler, the French brothers, moved freely through Europe without attracting the kind of attention focused on Arab men, even after the French authorities were notified when David was spotted leaving Afghanistan." - The New York Times > International > Europe > Europe Fears ...

"Dhiren BAROT's name is linked with a passport of one David Courtailler, a French convert to Islam, & frequenter of Finsbury Park Mosque. Courtailler has been linked with the plot involving the assassination of the Northern Alliance General Ahmed Shah Massoud on 8th September 2001. (Courtailler also shared a flat in South London with Zacarias Moussaoui) - Joining the Dots in Luton (July 7th People's Independent Inquiry ...

Marc Sageman, a counterterrorism expert stated in 2004: "...the Benyaich brothers also seemed to have lived, at least for a week or two, at the end of 1998 with David Courtailler, who is also an al Qaeda member. And David Courtailler just came to Madrid after he had been training in Afghanistan. And, of course, David Courtailler was the old roommate of Moussaoui, Zacarias Moussaoui, in London in 1997." - Comment is free: Time to help Omar

"A Frenchman has been jailed for helping a network of Islamic militants. David Courtailler is also said to have links to a key suspect in the Madrid train bombings, Jamal Zougam. Courtailler, 28, was found guilty of conspiring with criminals engaged in a terrorist enterprise. He was given two years in jail with two years suspended." BBC NEWS World Europe Frenchman jailed for terror ties


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