Friday, June 29, 2007


"The news from Tehran is that Pakistan is involved in this campaign to destabilise Iran." - Editorial: Disorder, not disunity, is the problem

Destabilising Gordon Brown?


"It is hard to comprehend how scientist Thomas Hayes could dissect and identify pieces of evidence found in a shirt collar in May 1989 when photographic evidence shows that the undissected material was photographed in October 1989... Speaking from Vienna yesterday, Professor Hans Koechler, who was the official UN observer at the trial and appeal, said: 'I am of course relieved to see that the SCCRC has referred the case of Megrahi to the appeal court. I am, though, disappointed that they focus mostly on the evidence of Tony Gauci and the date of the purchase of the clothes. In giving exoneration to the police, prosecutors, and forensic staff, I think they show their lack of independence. No officials to be blamed, simply a Maltese shopkeeper. They also exonerate the original trial and appeal defence team and this also surprises me. I have doubts that the Scottish judicial system has learned anything from the Lockerbie trial.'" - This could open a can of worms for the entire Scottish justice system Http://

"The mainstream media is almost dead; but Google may not survive if it continually upsets the younger generation. It is said that Yahoo has never recovered from its couldn't-care-less attitude to the public." - Get YoungTubersUnit ed Un-Suspended Campaign!


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