Sunday, June 17, 2007


Alison Jackson

Volunteering in the UK. The government makes it almost impossible.
"My wife decided that she would like to teach numeracy and literacy to those with little or no formal education.... Months of hoop jumping, diversity training, expense, travel, personal checks and official silences to establish something that had been obvious all along - that she is an English graduate, sensitive, kind and responsible. A five-minute interview could have achieved this." - Guardian Unlimited Comment is free All my family wanted to do ...

Ed Strong writes there “is every indication that this … purported terrorist threat—described by some media outlets as ‘even bigger than September 11′—was manufactured by the FBI, which used an undercover agent posing as a terrorist mastermind to entrap those targeted for arrest.” Defreitas: Not Simply an Idiot, but a Useful Idiot

"Bandar is said to be on the outs with Saudi King Abdullah, who favors a plan of rapprochement with Iran. If you follow the connections of all the allegations, you can see why he might be a bit pissed. Jew-controlled Blair hides Bandar’s bribes, while Bandar is scheming with the Zionist Cabal in a plan that results in the slaughter of Sunni refugees. When will Arabs learn that they never come out ahead when they deal with Zionists?" ~ permanent link


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