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Lockerbie bomber’s lawyers reject ruling on fabrication

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"The news from Tehran is that Pakistan is involved in this campaign to destabilise Iran." - Editorial: Disorder, not disunity, is the problem

Destabilising Gordon Brown?


"It is hard to comprehend how scientist Thomas Hayes could dissect and identify pieces of evidence found in a shirt collar in May 1989 when photographic evidence shows that the undissected material was photographed in October 1989... Speaking from Vienna yesterday, Professor Hans Koechler, who was the official UN observer at the trial and appeal, said: 'I am of course relieved to see that the SCCRC has referred the case of Megrahi to the appeal court. I am, though, disappointed that they focus mostly on the evidence of Tony Gauci and the date of the purchase of the clothes. In giving exoneration to the police, prosecutors, and forensic staff, I think they show their lack of independence. No officials to be blamed, simply a Maltese shopkeeper. They also exonerate the original trial and appeal defence team and this also surprises me. I have doubts that the Scottish judicial system has learned anything from the Lockerbie trial.'" - This could open a can of worms for the entire Scottish justice system Http://

"The mainstream media is almost dead; but Google may not survive if it continually upsets the younger generation. It is said that Yahoo has never recovered from its couldn't-care-less attitude to the public." - Get YoungTubersUnit ed Un-Suspended Campaign!


Under Attack

Graph showing the rate per 1,000 births of congenital malformations observed at Basra University Hospital, Iraq, as reported by I. Al-Sadoon, et al., writing in the Medical Journal of Basrah University. Uranium_bestanden/DEPLETED URANIUM-2- INCIDENCE.htm

Militias in actual control of Basra’s oil industry - Government said to have lost control of Basra

"The national airline of Indonesia, Garuda, and the 50 other airlines registered in the country, will be kept away from the EU." - · Carriers in Indonesia and Russia on no-fly list

"Mathaba.Net came under attack from the British intelligence services as well as Zionist publications in Britain for exposing the involvement of British intelligence in the Lockerbie Trial as well as highlighting the inconsistencies..." - Libyan Wins Right to Lockerbie Appeal


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Lockerbie conviction in doubt, Scottish panel rules

Jury considers verdict in 21/7 terror trial

2 arrested in snatched girl case

Spanish journalist claims paedophile has abducted "alive" Madeleine

aangirfan: Torture and death of British children; the death of Gareth.

Teenager's jail death ruled an accident

FEMA Whistleblower Exposes 9/11 Conspiracy

A typical day near the equator - 35 CIOMAS AND BALI

Never Saw

"Former Finnish president and one of the world’s most respected living Nazis Martti Ahtisaari (i.e. Adolfsen) is a very busy man these days... Reportedly, the BND agents have immediately discovered clear connection and regular contacts between the leading figures of Kosovo Albanian mafia, their subordinates and Martti Ahtisaari. The agents have also established that Ahtisaari has had frequent telephone communications with the Albanian billionaire, mafia boss living in Switzerland Bexhet Pacolli... On the last day of February, at 11:47 p.m., German Secret Service agents made a note about the arrival of the KFOR (NATO troops stationed in Serbian Kosovo province, Kosovo FORce) jeep which brought two young women over, followed by Boria’s bodyguard. The girls were in Ahtisaari’s quarters until 5:17 a.m., when they were driven away by the same vehicle." -

Californian actress Courtney Coventry, 25, was questioned by police yesterday over her links with Labour's chief fundraiser Lord Levy. UK Daily Mail


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Standing ovation

27 April 1945
Mr Adolf Hitler is to become European Peace Envoy working on behalf of the US, Russia, the League of Nations and Europe. Mr Hitler has always taken a keen interest in Poland and other parts of Eastern Europe.

Today in the Reichstag, Mr Hitler received a standing ovation from his fellow Nazis.

"I've never seen anything like that," BBC political correspondent John Pienaar says. "It was a genuinely emotional moment."

Mr Hitler paid tribute to Germany's troops, saying: "Whatever view people take of my decisions, I think there is only one view to take of them. They are the bravest and the best."



The Turkish invasion of Cyprus:
"Some Greek Cypriots believed then, and still believe, that the invasion was a deliberate plot on the part of Britain and the US to maintain their influence on the island, which was particularly important as a listening post in the Eastern Mediterranean." - New documents link Kissinger to two 1970s coups
"The U.S. wanted rid of Makarios, the President of Cyprus. Makarios was seen as being too independent minded; he had left-wing allies; he was a friend of the Arabs; he was opposed to the fascist colonels who ran Greece and who were regarded as CIA assets."
Turkish troops took over Northern Cyprus in 1974. This was during the final days of the Greek military junta of 1967-1974. Before Turkey invaded Cyprus, Greek Army officers stationed in Cyprus had launched a coup d'état against the President of Cyprus, Makarios.

Mr Martii Ahtisaari UN special envoy for Kosovo
"According to Focus, German BND Secret Service Brigadier Luke Neiman... has a recorded conversation Ahtisaari held with an unnamed ethnic Albanian talking about a transfer of 2 million into Ahtisaari's account from a Swiss bank with an account number 239700-93457-00097 that was masked by an offshore account with a code XS52-KOLER. It is alleged that these accounts were owned by Exhet Boria, a Kosovo Albanian known in criminal circles to be in the very high echelons of the Albanian organized crime that dominates the heroin trade in Europe. Focus also alleges that German BND has records as of February 12, 2007, 6:23 a.m., where a jeep owned by the Kosovo Albanian government arrived at the building where UN Special Envoy Martti Ahtisaari was stationed and handed over two silver color briefcases to Ahtisaari. Focus says the BND agents confirmed later that the briefcases were loaded with cash." -

"Oliver Dulic, the speaker of the Serbian Parliament, has apparently called for a formal inquiry into allegations that Ahtisaari, has accepted bribes from an Albanian organised crime figure, Exhet Boria, a Kosovan Albanian who dominates heroin trade in Europe.It is claimed that these bribes were a payment , in exchange for recommending independence for the Serbian province." -Balkan tales and bulging briefcases - Artisaarri is exposed

KOSOVO: 1996–1999: Conflict between Serbian and Yugoslav security forces and the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), an ethnic Albanian guerilla group seeking secession from the former Yugoslavia.
1999: War between Yugoslavia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation between March 24 and June 10, 1999
[10], during which NATO attacked Yugoslav targets, Albanian guerrillas continued battles with Yugoslav forces, amidst a massive displacement of population in Kosovo


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Stupid violent Britain?

Artist : August Malmström

Atta's associate Bohringer worked for the CIA?


"Wolfgang Bohringer, the German pilot who was one of Mohamed Atta's closest associates in Florida as well as the subject of an FBI terror alert in the South Pacific, was apprehended (in 2006) and taken into custody, but then was almost immediately released after he told authorities responsible for his capture that he works for the CIA.

"The drama began to unfold a year ago when Wolfgang Bohringer sailed a 47-foot yacht called The Argos to tiny Fanning Island in the scattered South Pacific archipelago of Kiribati, a former British colony and today one of the world's smallest nations.

'"U.S. authorities raised an alarm over the plan by the German pilot — linked to the Sept. 11 terror attacks — to build a flying school in the remote South Pacific island nation,' stated an AP report picked up by the New York Times-owned International Herald Tribune."



"When Gordon Brown was a student at the University of Edinburgh… the young Labour and anti-apartheid activist was handed a list by an individual known to be a top CIA agent based in Britain. On the list were the names of a number of British socialists and anti-apartheid activists. Although Brown was said not to have known of his American contact's intelligence ties at the time, the British intelligence sources revealed that Brown has been on the CIA's payroll ever since he took possession of the list." - Wayne Madsen, former US navy intelligence officer Columns: 'Washington watch' by Tumbler Prospect Magazine July ...

"Belfast solicitor and civil rights lawyer and activist Pat Finucane... was murdered in 1989. Nine former members of the Force research Unit, including its former head Brigadier Gordon Kerr, (now said to be in Iraq running the Special Reconnaissance Regiment ) were questioned." - State Employed terrists go free

Elhanan Tannenbaum was abducted by Hizbullah and released as part of a prisoner exchange deal in February 2004. He subsequently admitted that he had entered Lebanon to conduct a drug deal. - Gilad Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser, Eldad Regev - Where are they now Pt 432


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Slowly Dawning


Reportedly, the following is taken from Lester Coleman's sworn declaration in the INSLAW/PROMIS court case : "Riconosciuto had told [Danny] Casolaro the same thing he had told me about the downing of Pan Am 103. Riconosciuto claimed to be an intelligence officer monitoring the hostage situation in Iran staying at the apartment of [Robert Booth] Nicols in Nicosia, Cyprus. This group of people according to Michael, were also involved in the 'controlled drugs operation' run by the DEA. Riconosciuto stated they were paid in unsigned BCCI travellers cheques. Shortly before the Lockerbie crash Riconosciuto returned to his home in Oregon. He knew the McKee team would be returning to the US to 'blow the whistle' on the drugs operation run by George W Bush (under Reagan). Riconosciuto had told me that when the warning came to the unit in Nicosia about the possible bombing of Pan Am 103, Nicols told Riconosciuto that he would change the reservation for the McKee team to another flight, just as FBI agent Revell's son had done. The night of the Lockerbie crash, Riconosciuto's wife was watching television when she learned of the crash and heard that the McKee team had gone down with the others on board. From that moment Riconosciuto held Nicols responsible for betraying the McKee team." - Lockerbie evidence 'was tampered with, destroyed and overlooked'

"The smuggling of opium from Afghanistan, according to Afghan and Ismaili sources, involves trans-shipment routes through Turkey and the Balkans. The U.S. Special Forces are working with Russian-Israeli Mafia and Greek and Kurdish Mafia syndicates in Turkey to smuggle the opium.The proceeds from the opium smuggling are being laundered through Russian/Israeli Mafia-controlled banks in Cyprus." - Conspiracy Planet - CIA Drug Trafficking - US Special Forces:Govt ...

Newsweek Poll - Which of the following nations has the largest Muslim population? % of those who said Indonesia 23%, India 24%, Turkey 10%, Iran 26%, Don't know 17%? (correct answer - Indonesia)

"What's slowly dawning on middle England is that they've been duped: they were sold a line - a 'fair deal for hard-working families'... Falling Behind, examines the phenomenon in the US, where the middle classes are now working harder than ever to pay exorbitant mortgages on incomes that have stagnated while the wealth of the super-rich has ballooned."- Duped by the super-rich

Court seeks report on Jet Airways chief

Jet Airways' mafia finance? Court wants to know

'The Angry Arab conveys an amazing accident that occurred on CNN, when Nir Rozen blurted out the truth and explained concisely and accurately what just happened in Gaza.'

"In America, the most racist and conservative and genocidal Jews are all, or almost all, European Jews whose forefathers came from Poland." - permanent link

"A 16-year-old was stabbed to death in a street fight involving up to 40 youths in Beckenham, Kent, late on Saturday. Witnesses say Ben Hitchcock was attacked by a group who stamped on his head and forced him onto spiked metal railings." - Teenager stabbed to death in street fight


Robert Baer and 'disinformation' about Lockerbie

According to an article in Scotland on Sunday (Is Egyptian terrorist Abu Talb the real bomber?)

"New information about Talb and his activities in Europe has been presented to Megrahi's defence team by Robert Baer, a retired CIA agent, who has provided evidence and made statements that are now before the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission..."

A reader comments:

"These revelations look like an attempt to demonise Iran, again, no doubt to justify a US invasion there." - Is Egyptian terrorist Abu Talb the real bomber?

Robert Baer left the CIA in 1997 and received the CIA's Career Intelligence Medal in 1998.

At Global Research, Chaim Kupferberg (Robert Baer and Daniel Pearl: On The Trail Of The 9/11 Mastermind?) wrote :

"Baer established himself as the mainstream media's 'go-to' guy when making the case for pre-9/11 complacency and opportunistic blindness."


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"For the mass media, the primary issue of concern has been a series of recent opinion polls indicating that the Howard government is set to lose office." - Opinion polls provoke bewilderment in lead-up to Australian election

"Jet Airways was originally set up as a subsidiary of Tailwinds, an Isle of Man based holding company designed as a tax shelter, whose sole shareholder was Naresh Goyal, the airline's NRI founder and chairman... Rumours have circulated that Tailwinds acted as a front for foreign airlines or possibly even Dawood Ibrahim, India's most wanted criminal, as well as global terror organization al Qaeda. - Jet Airways - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - The Tribune, Chandigarh, India - Business - Jet Airways denies terror links news report on BBC news.
Waterloo - A toe-tapping tribute to Dubya's legacy.

Lawyers claim British government approved systematic policy of torture in Iraq - Paul Mitchell, WSWS


CIA and Scottish Police faked evidence in Lockerbie Pan Am 103 case, according to report.

Faked Evidence -

From Scotland on Sunday 24 June 2007: 'It is time to put right the wrongs'

"While the main perpetrators appear to have been CIA officers, according to the defence papers, there is also damning evidence suggesting (Scottish) police officers and other investigators took part in preparing false evidence.

"It can also be confirmed today that a former senior Scottish police officer, who worked at a high level on the Lockerbie inquiry, has given statements to the SCCRC in which he is understood to support claims of planted evidence.

"A document seen by this newspaper reveals the officer - codenamed "Golfer" - believes 'labels and productions from the locus have been interfered with'."

"Golfer alleges pieces of supposedly bomb-damaged clothing, parts of a timer circuit board and an instruction manual for a Toshiba radio-cassette recorder were added to the evidence to lay a trail that would lead to the 'bomber'.

"In a damning indictment of Scottish justice, he claims senior members of the Lockerbie investigating team agreed to manufacture and manipulate evidence to help secure a suspect and conviction.

"He has also claimed that police statements from the key prosecution witness, Maltese shopkeeper Tony Gauci - the only man to [partially] identify Megrahi in the chain of events outlined by the Crown - either went missing or were altered before the Libyan's trial...

"Golfer has also revealed that an undeclared American passport was found among the masses of debris recovered after the atrocity. He said it had been issued to Khaled Jafaar, known to have been involved in controlled drug runs that the CIA was allowing to happen...

"It emerged later that he was in the service of the CIA...

"Officially at least, the search for the bombers was headed by Dumfries and Galloway Police. But behind the scenes, both MI5 and MI6 had been tasked with using their own people..."

aangirfan: Lockerbie, Drugs and the CIA


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The Great Dictator


"The pimps and bouncers who used to guard Soho clip-joints and peep-shows were mostly front men for powerful Maltese porn brokers." - Malta Today
"The family company of a former judge holds shares in a hotel in Marsaskala that is being run as an illegal brothel with Russian prostitutes, MaltaToday can reveal." - Malta Today

E-vote 'threat' to UK democracy

Able Danger

Robert Black QC, an emeritus professor of Scottish law at Edinburgh University said: 'No reasonable tribunal, on the evidence heard at the original trial, should or could have convicted him and it is an absolute disgrace and outrage what the Scottish court did.’

A senior British police officer 'has testfied to al-Megrahi’s defence team that crucial evidence at the trial was fabricated.'

Hans Köchler, the UN observer at Megrahi's trial, reported that the trial was politically charged and the verdict ‘totally incomprehensible’. Köchler wrote that he found the presence of US Justice Department representatives in the court ‘highly problematic’ - Lockerbie Pan Am Flight 103: Inconvenient Truths


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Kurdish inhabited area.

Madeleine McCann and Malta
"Plainclothes police have been seen carrying out searches across the island, including Manoel Island Marina where billionaire Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich often moors his yacht."
Police investigate possible Madeleine sighting in Malta as her ...

"Malta is a destination country for men and women trafficked for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation. Malta is also a source country for minors trafficked internally for commercial sexual exploitation."

'Documents prove Dahlan's involvement in Arafat's assassination' - Gaza Strip.


Sarwar, McConnell, Reid

Mohammad Sarwar

Rumsfeld and Reid.
Mohammad Sarwar was first elected as the MP for Glasgow Govan, in Scotland, in the 1997 general election.

Sarwar was suspended from holding office within the Labour Party in 1997 when he was charged with election offences,[2][3] but he was acquitted in 1999 and the suspension was lifted.[4]

Sarwar has estimated assets of £16 million.

In 2007 Mohammad Sarwar's son, Athif Sarwar, was convicted of an £850,000 missing trader fraud in a company that had split off from the family business in 2002.[7][8]

"The son of millionaire businessman and Labour MP Mohammed Sarwar has been convicted of an £850,000 money laundering scam.

"Glasgow High Court heard that cash and carry managing director Athif Sarwar, 28, had handled thousands of pounds of money described as 'criminal property'..." MP's son guilty of huge cash scam


Jack McConnell was Scotland's First Minister and part of Blair's Labour Party.

Jack McConnell's wife, Bridget, is head of the Culture and Leisure Department of Scotland’s biggest local authority.

Reportedly, Jack McConnell's wife's department, and Jack McConnell's party organisation in Glasgow, gave Eddie Lyons, an alleged 'gangster', £1.4m in public funds over 10 years to run a community centre used by children.

Reportedly the Lyons’s family has been involved in a 'war' with another group of alleged 'gangsters'. At least 11 people have been shot since 2003 as a result of this 'war'. - Joan McAlpine: This is a nasty stink you cannot just ignore, Jack

'Drug baron Justin McAlroy was gunned down on his driveway in Glasgow's Cambuslang only six days after wining and dining Labour VIPs Jack McConnell and John Reid at a dinner to raise funds for the party in 2002.' - New evidence casts shadow of doubt over conviction in notorious ...


'Police have found cannabis resin in the home of the British Defence Secretary, John Reid, but the minister says he has no idea where it came from.' - Cops' sniffer dogs find cannabis in house of Defence Secretary

According to the Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland) 9/4/2005:

'GRIM-FACED Defence Secretary John Reid shared centre stage at his son's wedding yesterday - with a villain wanted by police. Tony Blair's most trusted minister and fugitive Ronnie Campbell - the father of the bride - stood side by side on the steps of Westminster Cathedral. The Sunday Mail can reveal a warrant was issued for the arrest of Campbell, 47, on Monday after a violent incident involving a woman. Campbell, who sported a gold cravat and kilt, was the target of a recent gangland hit.' - aangirfan: John Reid, UK Home Secretary, MP for Airdrie and Shotts


The following is taken from:

"The Labour Party in Scotland has had an effective majority for decades through its control of the local authorities. During this time it has spawned a distinct social layer who control billions of pounds in revenue, awarding building and planning contracts, administering services...

"The Scotsman newspaper ran several articles on Ferguslie Park Community Business Holdings (FCBH), in Paisley. This scheme, established in the 1980s in the working class area of Ferguslie Park, was supposedly aimed at building 'community' businesses as a means of tackling unemployment. The Scotsman reported that at least part of the FCBH ...had fallen under the control of Paisley's drug gangs and was being used to launder money.

"Glasgow's Lord Provost, Patrick Lally, only recently successfully prevented Labour's attempt to expel him from office following allegations of corruption. Also in Glasgow, millionaire Labour MP, Mohammed Sarwar, has been suspended and faces legal action for allegedly attempting to bribe political opponents."

Nona: Murder capital of Europe.


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Fred Thompson President of the US 2008-12 visits the Lady Dame Jane Neville Jones Fan Club

"The report found that in the only ward in England where votes were counted both manually and electronically - Dereham Humbletoft ward in Breckland - the number of ballots recorded was 56% higher when counted by hand rather than by machine." - Scathing report on Brecks election farce

"In the only ward in England where votes were counted both manually and electronically - Dereham Humbletoft in Breckland Council, Norfolk - the number of ballots recorded was 56% higher when counted by hand rather than by machine, the report found." - Thumbs down to e-voting

Syrian Paper on Libyan children's injection with AIDS virus

High oil prices / Nigerian strikes and Delta militants - International help required ?

China sells more US T-bonds

Paddy Ashdown, MI6, Gordon Brown

"Gordon Brown and Sir Menzies Campbell have held secret talks about former Lib-Dem leader Paddy Ashdown joining the Labour Government." - Brown held talks over senior Labour job for Ashdown

"Lord 'Paddy' Ashdown was born in New Delhi in 1941 and came to Britain when his family returned in 1945. He undertook Special Forces Training before becoming a commander in the Special Boat Service (SBS), (part of the UK Special Forces with the SAS), which saw him working in the Far East and Belfast.

"He joined the Foreign Office in 1972 and later stood as a Liberal Party candidate in 1979 before eventually evolving into the leader of the Liberal Democrats in 1988...

"It is little wonder that Lord Ashdown took to his post of Office of the High Representative (OHR), of Bosnia andHerzegovina (B&H) with relish. A man with such a history would never see the irony of a non-elected person, such as himself, dismissing democratically elected members of parliament... Industrial production in Bosnia has fallen by 40%, unemployment is at record levels, and state industries are sold off for a fraction of their true value...

"Ashdown is heard assuring the KLA that he will 'do his best' to get assistance for them... 'The KLA... is tied in with every known Middle and Far Eastern drug cartel.'... It came as no surprise when an article in the Birmingham Post in September this year, revealed that Ashdown hadworked for M16, part of the British Intelligence Service." - A-list message, [A-List] Ashdown, MI6 & The Hague Tribunal

"He left the Royal Marines in 1972 and joined the Foreign Office. He was posted to the British Mission to the United Nations in Geneva where he was responsible for Britain's relations with a number of United Nations organisations." - ASHDOWN WAS MI6 AGENT

"He joined the Liberal party in 1975 - at which time he is popularly supposed to have been serving with MI6 in Geneva under the cover of being the first secretary to the UK mission to the UN." - Sir Paddy Ashdown Aristotle Guardian Unlimited Politics

"A substantial, incomplete, list of 276 past and present MI6 agents has been leaked to Cryptome, a US web site.... One entry: Jeremy John Durham Ashdown (Paddy Ashdown): dob 1941; 74 Geneva (1 Sec). In other words, MI6 posted Paddy Ashdown to Geneva in 1974, where he worked under diplomatic cover, holding the post of First Secretary at the British Embassy." - Nuke Labour: Paddy Ashdown - MI6 Agent

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Prosecutor in Dawood sister's case withdraws after threats

Postman Patel: Woolmer Murder Mystery - Plod plods : Amazing pictures

"A couple of my in-the-know sources are predicting that Microsoft will buy Yahoo. And then of course there's speculation that Yahoo might combine with eBay... News Corp (is)talking about swapping MySpace for 25% of Yahoo." - Yahoo Ripple Affect On News Corp., Google, Microsoft

"Islam stresses public order and the rule of law. Terrorism destroys this social order and decreases the tranquility of life that Islam emphasizes. During the life of the Prophet Muhammad, whenever there was a choice between conflict and social order, he always chose the path of least violence unless forced to do otherwise. The Qur'an has a strong ethical orientation to help people regardless of their religious affiliation and calls people to faith based on reason and spiritual intuition, not force. Terrorism is an imposition of force and fear to change the minds of people. Muslims must show non-Muslims the beauty of our religion, create peace between peoples, and promote justice and the rule of law. Terrorism runs counter to all these values, and therefore absolutely goes against Islam." - In Allah's Name, Denouncing Terror

So, let us summarize: 1) the brother of a documented CIA-ISI asset has organized teenage “suicide bombers” and promises to unleash these pubescent killers against the United States and Europe and 2) a key North American Union operative admits these supposed terrorists indeed “have a limited ability to travel and get through our border system.” - Coming Soon to a Mall Near You: Dadullah’s “Suicide Bomber” Grads

Dando killer wins right to appeal
Murder evidence questioned

Minister of Justice - Fit for Purpose ????

"Kevin Warsh... is married to the daughter of Ronald Lauder , friend of Ariel Sharon, Chairman of the New York Port Authority who sold the WTC to Larry Silverstein who also has half shares in CETV with Sir Ronald Cohen's Apax Partners who will be replacing the role of Lord Levy... as the representative for Israel and it's many friends in the UK Government." - Morgan Stanley post massive profits growth


Animal Kingdom

There is a big rumour these days that the US is actually helping the Taleban to keep the war going. - Afghan village life Have things got better two years on? Your questions answered

The 'problems' of Afganistan aid

Is a PFI crisis looming? "The doctors said the NHS pays twice as much for the new hospitals than it would if they had been built using taxpayers' money." PFI hospitals 'cost NHS more'

aangirfan: GOD


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"Eight out of ten children with learning disabilities are scared to leave their homes for fear of being bullied." - Children who are too scared to go outside

"One of the last to leave the party was Prince Andrew, who departed after 4am following a pole dancing performance by two strippers supplied by Penthouse magazine." - Full story here.

"Globally, an estimated 1.2 million children are trafficked each year."


David Courtailler

"In the murky world of terror cells, however, it is sometimes hard to tell who is an informant and who is a double (or triple) agent." - Bin Laden's Invisible Network; Lionel Dumont

"David Courtailler studied accounting at Catholic school with mediocre results, a teacher recalled. He also served a year in an elite army mountain battalion." - Embassy plot offers insight into terrorist recruitment, training ...

"Both David and Jérôme Courtailler, the French brothers, moved freely through Europe without attracting the kind of attention focused on Arab men, even after the French authorities were notified when David was spotted leaving Afghanistan." - The New York Times > International > Europe > Europe Fears ...

"Dhiren BAROT's name is linked with a passport of one David Courtailler, a French convert to Islam, & frequenter of Finsbury Park Mosque. Courtailler has been linked with the plot involving the assassination of the Northern Alliance General Ahmed Shah Massoud on 8th September 2001. (Courtailler also shared a flat in South London with Zacarias Moussaoui) - Joining the Dots in Luton (July 7th People's Independent Inquiry ...

Marc Sageman, a counterterrorism expert stated in 2004: "...the Benyaich brothers also seemed to have lived, at least for a week or two, at the end of 1998 with David Courtailler, who is also an al Qaeda member. And David Courtailler just came to Madrid after he had been training in Afghanistan. And, of course, David Courtailler was the old roommate of Moussaoui, Zacarias Moussaoui, in London in 1997." - Comment is free: Time to help Omar

"A Frenchman has been jailed for helping a network of Islamic militants. David Courtailler is also said to have links to a key suspect in the Madrid train bombings, Jamal Zougam. Courtailler, 28, was found guilty of conspiring with criminals engaged in a terrorist enterprise. He was given two years in jail with two years suspended." BBC NEWS World Europe Frenchman jailed for terror ties


Monday, June 18, 2007



"The discussions between Abdulati Ibrahim al Obidi, the Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister, Musa Kusa, Libya's foreign intelligence chief, and senior British officials have taken place in secret over the past few months... Musa Kusa ... is thought to be behind the killing of Libyan dissidents in Britain and was expelled from London in 1980 for orchestrating the murder of a BBC World Service journalist, Mohamed Mustafa Ramadan, outside Regent's Park mosque. He was also wanted in France in connection with the downing of a French DC-10 of the UTA airline in 1989 with 170 passengers aboard... Branded "the master of terror", he was welcomed back to London in late 2001." - Deals done in tents and corridors

"Lord Fraser of Carmyllie has described Tony Blair as a 'constitutional vandal' over the prospect of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi being returned home." - Sunday Express: The World's Greatest Newspaper :: News / Showbiz ...

"A group plotting to overthrow the... government of Laos hatched an elaborate 90-day plan to oust and possibly assassinate the country's leaders by bombing official buildings and shooting down aircraft, according to US court documents... Jack allegedly told an undercover investigator that they had the support of the CIA, which was 'standing by and ready to roll' to ensure the coup's success." - US group 'plotted bloody coup in Laos'

"The US still wants to return the Baathists, the loyalists of the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, to power. The blast in Samarra which destroyed the minarets of the sacred shrines of the Shia Imams was performed with the assistance of the former Saddam regime's security agents, the source added." - Press TV

CIA control of Italy? Italian Judge Suspends CIA Trial - AP

Sarkozy's 'blue tsunami' drains away

"According to a New York Times/CBS News poll, from October 2006, only 16 per cent of Americans think the government is telling the truth about 9/11" - Vancouver Courrier

100 Professors Question the 9/11 Commission Report

USAFRICOM - Building the New Empire and the very,very odd folks at IASPS


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"Mr. Dalyell: To ask the Prime Minister what reports the United Kingdom and the United States authorities in Cyprus received from Mr. David Lovejoy, an employee of the United States Government directly or through other sources on the movements of the United States hostage rescue team, including Matthew Gannon and Major Charles McKee subsequently killed at Lockerbie, before the destruction of Pan Am 103; and if he will discuss with President Clinton the reasons why these reports were sought.
"The Prime Minister: The British authorities in Cyprus neither sought nor received any such reports." - House of Commons Hansard Debates for 6 Mar 1995

Google news

A former senior British intelligence officer turned BP adviser has been helping negotiate with Libya - BP adviser in talks over medics detained in Libya

aangirfan: Lockerbie Bomb and Ecuador and New Zealand

"Right from the start, the new SNP government has made it very clear that things are going to be different in Scotland. And now the Scottish Parliament has voted to reject the UK Government plan to replace the Trident nuclear weapons system by a huge margin of 71 votes to 16, with 39 abstentions." - The power of protest

Mumbai Police soft on D-gang?

D-company gets boost following release of Iqbal

aangirfan: David Lange says US threatened to kill him.

A bloody epitaph to Blair's war


Alison Jackson

Volunteering in the UK. The government makes it almost impossible.
"My wife decided that she would like to teach numeracy and literacy to those with little or no formal education.... Months of hoop jumping, diversity training, expense, travel, personal checks and official silences to establish something that had been obvious all along - that she is an English graduate, sensitive, kind and responsible. A five-minute interview could have achieved this." - Guardian Unlimited Comment is free All my family wanted to do ...

Ed Strong writes there “is every indication that this … purported terrorist threat—described by some media outlets as ‘even bigger than September 11′—was manufactured by the FBI, which used an undercover agent posing as a terrorist mastermind to entrap those targeted for arrest.” Defreitas: Not Simply an Idiot, but a Useful Idiot

"Bandar is said to be on the outs with Saudi King Abdullah, who favors a plan of rapprochement with Iran. If you follow the connections of all the allegations, you can see why he might be a bit pissed. Jew-controlled Blair hides Bandar’s bribes, while Bandar is scheming with the Zionist Cabal in a plan that results in the slaughter of Sunni refugees. When will Arabs learn that they never come out ahead when they deal with Zionists?" ~ permanent link



"Senior legal and intelligence officials have told The Observer that the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission will conclude that the conviction of al-Megrahi is unsafe and that he may have been a victim of a miscarriage of justice." - Lockerbie 'bomber' could go free

"Something interesting happened just hours before the explosion shocked the JW Marriott Hotel, Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta. The US Embassy cancelled the booking of 10-20 rooms in that hotel." -Prison Do You Have the Knowledge to Escape?


Friday, June 15, 2007

Secret Government


"A former restaurant owner, Kurt Haijby, revealed that he and King Gustav had been lovers from 1912 until 1932."
King Gustav V of Sweden

"His research focuses on the chemical messenger glutamate. 'Glutamate is kind of like the brain's light switch,' he notes. 'If serotonin is the lighting in the room, glutamate would be the switch that turns serotonin on and off.' Rosenberg has found that a reduced level of glutamate in certain parts of the brain is linked to depression. And the effect of antidepressants is clear: after treatment, glutamate becomes normal, and the symptoms of depression diminish. 'When prescribed appropriately, antidepressants do far more good than not,' he says. What is more, Rosenberg's brain scans have shown that not using antidepressants in depressed patients might have a lasting influence on the brain as well. He has found that untreated depression eats away at important parts of the brain." - Kids on Meds -- Trouble Ahead

U.S. Tries To Smuggle C4 Into G8 Protests

Galloway Crackers #16 (BBC Bias Israel/Palestine Conflict)


USA Crimes: Killing 290 Iranian civilians.

Secret Government - Iran Contra

Anger at Blair's 'secret deal' to sign new EU constitution

"Speaking of Israeli psychopathic fantasies, the victory of Hamas over Fatah – ‘ the second liberation of the Gaza Strip’ – is leading Israelis to the idea that Egypt will take over Gaza, and Jordan will take over those few parts of the West Bank that the Israelis have not already stolen. The fake ‘civil war’ engineered by the Zionists isn’t working out right, with Hamas winning far too easily and too quickly." - permanent link

'Now you are paralyzed, as we promised'

Galloway Crackers #12 (wiping Israel off the map)

"Shimon Peres was part of the group that carried out the campaign to bomb US and British assets in Egypt and frame Egyptians for it. When the ruse failed, Peres helped frame Pinhas Lavon for the crime, for whom the Lavon Affair is named. is named."- Israel’s new President: a war criminal par excellence

Executive set to reduce the size of classes


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