Thursday, May 31, 2007

Who really runs Indonesia? People like British trained General Sutiyoso?

One of the retired generals who pulls the strings in Indonesia is Sutiyoso. He hopes to become President. (Big man who still calls the shots)

He is a friend of the British, Australian and American militaries.

Where was Indonesia's General Sutiyoso trained?

1. Sutiyoso trained with the British Army's airborne brigade at Aldershot.

2. Sutiyoso trained at the Australian Army Command and Staff College in Melbourne.

3. Sutiyoso trained with the US Rangers at Fort Bragg.

Sutiyoso spent 23 years in the special forces regiment, Kopassus, which has been accused of being behind much of the 'terror' in Indonesia.

According to Dr Damien Kingsbury, head of philosophical, political and international studies at Deakin University, Kopassus set up the Islamic organisation Komando Jihad. Komando Jihad became Jemaah Islamiah, which has been linked to the Bali bomb. Kopassus members trained the notorious Laskar Jihad Islamic militia, which stepped up conflict in the Ambon region, leaving up to 10,000 dead. Kopassus still trains and organises the militias in West Timor that continue cross-border destabilisation operations into East Timor.

(We must not get back in bed with Kopassus - , aangirfan: Christian gangsters and the military and terror in ... , aangirfan: Jogjakarta earthquake, 'Indonesia's Gestapo', and the ...)

Sutiyoso was involved in the 1975 invasion of Portuguese East Timor. Sutiyoso was allegedly part of "Team Susi", one of the Indonesian military units allegedly linked to the killing of five Australian-based journalists, the Balibo Five. (Killing of Balibo five deliberate, inquest told )

Reportedly, Sutiyoso was involved in the mayhem in Aceh and the summary execution of thousands of 'hoodlums' in Jakarta. Reportedly, in 1996, Sutiyoso, as Jakarta military commander, arranged the violent replacement of Megawati Soekarnoputri as head of the opposition Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI) with a pro-regime stooge. (Big man who still calls the shots)

Sutiyoso is now governor of Jakarta and he has been accused of doing too little about major flooding in February 2007. The flooding is caused partly by illegal cutting down of forests to let the generals and other members of the elite build villas.

General Sutiyoso hopes to become president in 2009, replacing General Yuhoyono. - Big man who still calls the shots


Australia's Iemma Apologizes for Treatment of Jakarta Governor

"In 1975, Indonesia, with the support of the US, the UK, and Australia, invaded East Timor. An estimated 200,000 East Timorese - 1/3 of the population - were slaughtered by the Indonesian military. The C.I.A. described it as one of the worst mass-murders of the 20th century."
Death of a Nation - East Timor (video)


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