Friday, May 18, 2007

Washington's favourite


"The Fatah gunmen who are reported to have initiated the breakdown of the Palestinian unity government and provoked the latest fighting may profess fealty to President Abbas, but it’s not from him that they get their orders. The leader to whom they answer is Mohammed Dahlan, the Gaza warlord who has long been Washington’s anointed favorite to play the role of a Palestinian Pinochet." - analysis

"As of today, we're on hunger strike because we've been charged on the basis of pure guesswork." - Madrid bombing suspects go on hunger strike

"While I welcome Alex Salmond's commitment to a judicial inquiry into my daughter's case, can I suggest the remit be widened to provide a total examination of the problems within our justice system as advised by that case, the Lockerbie inquiry and prosecution, and the many other cases where justice is seen to have failed us..." - Remit for inquiry

Media - CitizenSmart15 - not Inverness/paper review

Jerry Falwell (updated)

Cameroon, oil and spies

Tunisia and terrorism


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