Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Venice Florida, 9 11, Mohammed Atta, and the CIA

According to Daniel Hopsicker, Venice Florida airport has a long history of being used as a training base for paramilitary operations by federal authorities. ( Venice Airport Used for Covert Ops )

Venice Airport (Florida) was named during the questioning of Oliver North during Iran Contra.

Venice (Florida) was the teeny little place where Mohammed Atta and his fellow 'hijackers' chose to learn to fly.

Venice (Florida) has the building that was the national HQ of billionaire Jackson Stephens's Beverley Enterprises.

According to , "Jackson Stephens was a roommate of President Carter at the US Naval Academy. Stephen's name has come up in a number of spooky cases: in the BCCI criminal bank scandal, in the case of the death of Vince Foster, in the stolen Promis software scandal, in the 1996 finance scandal involving allegations of Red Chinese money, in the gun-running and cocaine smuggling at Mena Arkansas that was behind Iran Contra and Whitewater." (Nona: FLORIDA)

"A mysterious missionary support organization flying weekly 'relief flights' to Haiti from the Airport in Venice, FL. may be providing 'cover' for CIA covert operations in the Caribbean, the MadCowMorningNews has learned...

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